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Coprimuro Wall coping

Marmoresin® wall coping

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Wall coping


Marmoresin® wall coping



The added value of the Coprimuro.‎ net® MarmoEdile range comes from some 40 years of experience in producing and processing resin marble, and this is why MarmoEdile products can boast so many years of brilliantly passed trials after installation, thanks also to the professional collaborators with particular skills in the sector.‎
The quality of the products of the MarmoEdile line is guaranteed in all production phases by scrupulous checks.‎ The products of the MarmoEdile line are certified.‎

Compared to natural marble and granite, marble agglomerates have indisputable advantages:
• Greater possibility of finding supplies of stone materials, because these can be obtained even from broken rocks or from stone with unsuitable characteristics for processing in blocks or slabs.‎
• Better mechanical characteristics that can be predicted with greater reliability.‎
• Greater uniformity of colour.‎
• Possibility of new visual solutions obtained by mixing different materials.‎

A wall coping in resin marble also has these advantages:
• Prevents efflorescence
• Prevents unsightly dark marks from water runoffs
• Prevents water infiltrations
• Prevents swelling of plasterwork
• Prevents cracking in walls
• Special drip moulding at 45° and 4 cm high to prevent water from returning to wet the wall
• No maintenance necessary
• Can be cut and drilled without chipping if guardrails need to be fitted
• Adaptable to any type of wall width and to match any required decor scheme
• Length of 1200 cm

Special format on request
Components cut at an angle of 45° or cut to size are available on request, together with pre-welded corners and terminal sections.‎ Special formats are obtained from standard coping sections, and the cost of any excess lengths is calculated separately.‎ Special formats are created entirely by hand by expert operators, allowing architects to design complete architectural projects and facilitating the application of copings for installers, reducing possible wastage.‎ (Costs are indicated in the price list.‎ )

Curved wall copings 
Curved copings for balconies are not supplied.‎ The problem can however be solved by cutting small angled sections from a straight coping, following a template provided by the customer.‎

Further info from manufacturer on Wall coping
Further details
Colour treatments
In addition to treating marble pastes with mineral oxides to give them the desired colour, for the MarmoEdile line over the years we have used new technologies to optimize a method for colouring and treating wall copings externally, making them totally resistant to adverse weather and at the same time giving them a colouration that is as natural as possible. This treatment involves the use of an external finishing layer with dense two-part resins, which are applied directly to the mould as part of the main lamination process. Epoxy or polyester resins can be used. Special pigments are then added to every resin to give colour and consistency, and these are combined with an agent mixed in to give them the necessary thixotropic properties. This procedure creates a smooth and compact surface layer without porosity, protecting the component against bad weather and ultraviolet radiation and forming an impermeable barrier against water absorption.
Reference dimensions
The thickness of copings is 18 mm, with a total height of 60 mm and a length of 1200 mm.
The right size for your wall
Photo showing the coping measurement. The right size is 1 cm more than your wall, meaning that if your wall has a width of 10 cm, the internal measurement of the coping must be 11 cm. The internal measurement must be taken just 1 cm beneath the internal support surface.
Tendering specifications
Supply of coping stones for parapets and perimeter wall with an inverted U-shaped cross-section with a flat surface and a thickness of 20 mm suitable for the protection of the parapet or wall beneath them. Composed and made from the mixture of miscellaneous types of marble dust with specific resins and adhesives. Surface coated with special chemical enamels to enhance colour, at the same time increasing resistance to adverse weather conditions. The internal support surface has longitudinal grooves impressed obliquely with respect to the vertical axis, such as to permit suitable adherence of the adhesive compound (type C2TE S1), and therefore to prevent the detachment of the component.
The cross-section of the lateral lip is chamfered on both the internal and external sides of the wall. The purpose of the internal chamfer is to facilitate installation. The purpose of the external chamfer is to act as a drip moulding, so as to keep drips of rainwater falling onto the coping and draining off it away from the wall. The total height of the coping is 60 mm, and its length is 1200 mm. The consistency of the component is guaranteed by a high specific weight of no less than 2100 kg/m3 .such as to permit suitable adherence of the adhesive compound (type C2TE S1), and therefore to prevent the detachment of the component.
Installation of wall copings
To ensure the best possible results, installers must consider 10 fundamental points:
• Adequate preparatory design, inclusive therefore of all materials necessary for any special details
• Choice of the adhesive compound to be used: (coating adhesive with 40% latex) C2 TE S1
• Choice of joint filling compound (elastic material) to avoid continuous joints
• Joints must be completely free and clean, as any adhesive residues between joints would impair the anchorage of components
• Use a spirit level
• Bucket, trowel
• Brush or broom to clean away any dust from the wall and components
• Paper masking tape
• To ensure that the adhesive compound maintains maximum elasticity, it is advisable to avoid component installation during the hottest or coolest hours of the day (recommended temperature +5°C to +25°C)
• Check that the materials received correspond to the order

For correct installation, consult the installation manual
As it is made with resins, the product may be subject to expansion and contraction, and particular attention must therefore be dedicated to joints. In the absence of even one of the above points, the final results will almost certainly be impaired.

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