Corradi IMAGO® Glass Winter garden


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Glass Winter garden

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Imago goes beyond the concept of outdoor products to enter the dimension of
space.‎ A solution with adjustable blades up to 135°, self-sufficient for its construction
details: platform, pillars, beams in full architectural continuity.‎ Design pushed to
extreme simplicity.‎

With a cross-section of 15 x 15 cm, the pillars were designed to accommodate both a downpipe that directs the drainage of water and side runners of screens, for a maximum encumbrance of 33 x 33 mm.‎
The 15 x 25 cm beams are also designed to incorporate runners for sliding glass doors
and the retractable canvas of vertical closures, concealing any discontinuity from view.‎
Indeed, the blades’ controls are also situated on the inside of the beam to protect the
motorised drive mechanism, maximising aesthetics and practicality.‎ The blades have
been completely redesigned to mesh better with the simple continuity of the lines.‎ In
fact, they are flat, measure 24,5 by 4,8 cm (space between blades 21,5 cm) and can
accommodate dimming LED lights, perfectly centred with respect to the blade width.‎

The gutter gives the possibility of incorporating LED lights throughout the entire internal perimeter to create a modular, effective and particularly pleasant lighting system.‎ The particular geometry of the beams and pillars means that Imago’s external skin can be completely different in colour from the interior for an original, welcoming bi-color effect.‎

Imago also shows off its superior level of integration and flexibility with its many configurations of side closures:
 Fully open on the sides for total permeability
 Closed with sliding glass doors
 Closed with Aura brise-soleil
 Closed with vertical screen with transparent, filtering or shuttering canvas
 Dual closure, with glasses and vertical screens
 Closed using fixed panels, under investigation

Imago has been launched in 3 different versions:
Gourmet: this is the version of Imago dedicated to cooking, allowing you to fully enjoy your home kitchen outdoors.‎
Feeling Good: by letting you take some time, immerse yourself in a space of well-being, Feeling Good offers moments of relaxation in an outdoor spa.‎
Dreaming: soak in the stars while feeling protected, enjoy a film, close your eyes and dream: Dreaming is the version of Imago conceived as a bedroom, a provocation that pushes the boundaries of the outdoors further than we ever thought possible.‎

Pergole bioclimatiche Corradi pergolas are aluminium outdoor structures, equipped with a roof with sunshade slats that can be rotated using a radio control or, in some cases, manually.‎ The rotation of the slats creates a particularly comfortable environment in all seasons, since depending on the inclination it is possible to control sunlight and the degree of natural ventilation in the environment below, thus regulating the temperature.‎

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Bioclimatic pergolas Collection by Corradi
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