Cucine Lube CLOVER BRIDGE 1 Fitted kitchen


CLOVER BRIDGE 1 By Cucine Lube


Fitted kitchen

Providing the option to customise the kitchen area with infinite possible variations, keeping the different spaces as separate as possible according to function.‎ The star of this composition is the central island unit, with a new design and shape, it contains both closed and open volumes.‎ A shelf follows the shape of the room and embraces it with a slightly rounded form.‎ The living area includes a corner composition with open elements that are great for storage.‎
The island block is divided into several levels, integrating the bases and the open elements acting as a support for the table.‎
The large suction hood completes the composition with its extremely clean design.‎
Open compartments and wall units alternate to create a rhythmic sequence which gives a sense of movement to this living area corner composition.‎

The kitchen is a space that has always been the heart of any home.‎ It should be built to last and is the setting for the most authentic and emotional parts of our domestic lives.‎
Clover is designed to last, thanks to the materials you can use to clothe it.‎ The natural beauty of tactile wood finishes is combined with colours and materials that evoke the world of nature.‎ This is clover.‎ Authentic, natural and available in a thousand different shapes, from the most rational, square and minimalist, to the most sinuous, rounded and eclectic.‎ This is a kitchen that can adapt to the most diverse furnishing requirements.‎

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Clover Collection by Cucine Lube
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