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FUSION OUTDOOR is the new Fusion line for outdoor use, a versatile office furniture system that has already won multiple awards for its innovative scope in allowing a variety of configurations for operational work, as well as for meetings and short breaks in more relaxed and friendly atmospheres.‎
Inspired by recent experiences, it rethinks spaces by adopting the outdoors as a positive generator in the work routine, organizing it in a way that is both contemporary and natural.‎
It is also perfect in residential and less institutional settings.‎
Starting from the same concept of creating multifunctional environments, FUSION OUTDOOR amplifies its scope by offering new solutions for gardens and terraces.‎ For an even more fluid space between outdoors and indoors, the tables - available in different heights depending on the intended use - adopt solid wood planks, the seats feature stackable benches or stools, the frames are cold galvanized to withstand the weather, and accessories include Japanese-style sun shades to shelter from the sun.‎

Office work environment is becoming more and more versatile.‎ It is not only a place to work but also to meet and chat, to eat and drink, to rest and relax and to do many other activities.‎ The office system FUSION is what makes architecture functional as well as what helps people do various activities they have to do in the office.‎
FUSION is constructed based on a kind of three dimensional frameworks.‎ Every detail is carefully designed around people’s behaviors and activities in office space.‎ There are designated storage spaces for personal and workplace belongings to articulate and get better management of space.‎
A variety of configurations create different atmospheres and landscapes, which are not only for solo and collaborative working but also for impromptu meetings and short breaks in a more relaxed and home-like environment and less institutionalised context.‎
FUSION is an office system that responds also to a new scenario like co-sharing and co-working spaces.‎ Workplace should be like a kind of social network but with real people.‎ They want to enjoy themselves, express their personalities and individual characters even though when they are working as a team.‎
As for technicals, Fusion is realized with a metallic frame 40X40 mm, depth 20/10, varnished with epoxy powder in two standard finishes (white and anthracite), and in one on demand finish (eggplant violet).‎ Tops are realized in melamine depth 30 mm, and can slide on spacer stubs, to enable a simple access to cable stuffs, placed in a central under-top tray.‎ Working tops are available in the standard finishes light oak, white or anthracite.‎
Screens are realized in plywood upholstered with fabric, and equipped with rubber bands or pockets.‎ Storages (upper or under top) are realized with metallic panels.‎ Sofas are realized with a wooden frame and a fabric surface, in the same screens finishes.‎

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W 234,3 x D 188,4 x H 220 cm
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Fusion Collection by CUF Milano
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