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Without curtains no furnishing can be considered complete. Essential for filtering solar light, they limit unwanted drafts and keep insects and prying eyes at the right distance from your interior. There are many different solutions and models on the market: stick, panel, roller or Venetian blinds. In addition to aesthetic differences, the various models differ in functionality: some blinds provide high protection from light while others allow you to filter it and adjust the intensity as needed.

A classic choice: curtains with rod

Curtains with rod - or the version with rails – are a traditional choice, yet a greatly versatile one. The curtains can be in one or more layers, of different fabrics and weights and are hang on a stick, along which they slide to open and close. The different layers allow you to create different transparency and opacity effects, thus adapting to different needs throughout the day, shielding light in a variable way. Curtains with stick are suitable to nearly all types of windows and allow to furnish the environment with fabrics; for an incredibly scenic effect they can touch the floor and be multi-layer put one over the other. The width of the single curtains will need to be generous compared to the size of the window, so as to be able to curl them for an extra decorative outcome. Here too, based on personal taste it is possible to create hinted draperies by means of more overlapping light or more substantial fabrics, with the use of heavy and covering fabrics, which create an effect that evokes that of the theater wings.

For contemporary interiors: Roman, roller or panel blinds

If you are looking for a minimalist effect, you still have many options. Roman blinds are easy to operate and can be raised and lowered by means of a cord. They remain visible in any case, because as they rise they form soft folds of fabric, thus creating a decorative effect on the glass, even when they are open. Likewise, roller blinds can be fixed on the window frame, on the glass or on the ceiling: unlike the previous ones, though, they have a cylinder around which they wrap while going up and therefore are almost invisible when they are fully open. Both blinds can be stopped halfway, so as to partially screen the light. Panel blinds allow a minimal effect and are usually installed to screen large windows: in this case, unlike the previous ones, they slide horizontally. When closed, they look like semi-rigid rectangular partitions, which usually run from the ceiling to the floor and can be overlapped to obtain different effects. When open, they are brought to the sides of the window and occupy the space of a single panel.

For a geometric effect: Venetian, vertical or pleated blinds

Furthermore, there are some types of blinds that first became popular in work environments, such as large glass-fronted offices, where it was necessary to shield the light with easy-to-maintain solutions and materials. Nevertheless, Venetian blinds became shortly after a popular solution for home interiors too, because they are mounted directly on the glass and take up little space; they also allow to gradually adjust the light coming in through the windows, allowing good natural lighting, without sacrificing privacy. Pleated blinds make for a valid alternative, since when closed they recall the effect of Venetian blinds, but are usually made of non-woven fabric. Vertical curtains are reminiscent of panel blinds, but each element is characterized by a smaller width. This type of curtain too tends to be popular in offices, but can also be considered for home interiors, to achieve unusual decorative effects.

Unique furniture solutions with curtains

Canopy mosquito nets serve a precise function that is to keep annoying bugs away during the night. However they can also be an option for decorative purposes, in order to set a romantic mood in your bedroom. On their hand, chain curtains are a reinterpretation of the curtains that used to be installed on French windows. Today, however, they are not only designed to prevent, for example, insects from entering the kitchen, but they become real furnishing complements, able to set up almost immaterial partitions within a room and magnificent scenic effects.

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