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Giving softness and warmth to your spaces and home: the decorative cushions adapt to all styles thanks to their great versatility in terms of use, patterns, shapes and colors. Are you looking for a design furniture and always fashionable? Cushions are a great way to renew your style frequently. You can also opt for removable cushions to make the restyling even easier and faster.

Textiles and softness: cushions for every corner of the house (and not only)

The cushions for sofas allow you to renew the look of the living room without making invasive operations such as replacing the upholstery of upholstered sofas and armchairs or even replace them completely. Chair cushions are very useful if you want to increase the comfort of chairs with unpadded seat. The same for outdoor chairs, maximum relaxation can be achieved by using outdoor cushions characterized by special properties such as UV resistance, water resistance and in general the ability to withstand the elements. In the same way, the cushions for beds are used to make outdoor furniture softer and more welcoming.
The decorative cushions, as well as for the modernization of the environment, can also be used as a piece of furniture thanks to the ground cushions or floor ones: similar to poufs are characterized by the larger size that can accommodate entirely those who decide to be "embraced" by their softness. For easier use, they often have a non-slip base and a handle so that they can be moved easily. Also great for creating a play environment with children. But the pillows aren't just great for the house! They also have the ability to make workspaces more welcoming, for example in a relaxation area in the office or common areas -and not of hotels. For safety reasons in contract spaces, however, it is more appropriate to opt for cushions with fireproof padding.

Shapes and colours: each with its own cushion

Cushions and linings can be combined infinitely to suit everyone's needs. The wide choice of colours, shapes and patterns allows an extreme customization of the spaces.
From the most playful fantasies for children to the most neutral plain-coloured cushions, the cushions allow you to express your personality. In case you want to give more color and joy to an environment, the ideal choice will fall on multicolor pillows or patchwork. Their wide versatility is also the result of the infinite number of shapes available, the classic square cushions are ideal for making the back of a sofa more comfortable. Cylindrical cushions, depending on their weight and size, can replace armrests, provide lumbar support or be used as pillows in outdoor cots.

Cushions as decoration

The design cushions are also useful in case of seasonal or special events, first example among all the Christmas cushions are an excellent trick to give a Christmas atmosphere to your home while not distorting your furniture for a limited period of time. Cushions with personalized prints to remember important occasions, or handmade cushions. Another idea is to change the material of the lining according to the season: fresh cotton cushions for the summer and warm and welcoming wool or fur cushions for the coldest days.

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