Cymat Technologies Ltd ALUSION™ - SMALL CELL ALFG-25.4-SM-1S Stabilized aluminum foam small cell panel


ALUSION™ - SMALL CELL ALFG-25.4-SM-1S By Cymat Technologies Ltd


Stabilized aluminum foam small cell panel

ALUSION™ Small Cell ALFG-25.‎4-SM-1S – Open One or Two Sides
As per the Mid open cell product, this panel is created by removing the surface on one of the sides of the panel or both sides, through a special blasting process.‎ Cells below the skin are exposed.‎ This surface consists of a series of small open areas and swirling solid areas.‎ They mingle together to create an appearance described as similar to the surface of the moon or a frozen porous lava flow.‎

Cymat Technologies Ltd, based in Toronto, Canada, is an innovative materials technology company that has the exclusive worldwide rights for producing lightweight aluminum panels using Alusion™ Stabilized Aluminum Foam, through patents and licenses.‎‎
Cymat’s Stabilized Aluminum Foam, marketed under the trade name of Alusion™ for architecture, is a versatile and unique material with virtually limitless design and architectural applications.‎‎ As well as its unique appearance, it has sound-absorbing properties making it ideal for applications requiring both sound absorption and beauty.‎‎
The Alusion™ aluminum foam creates strong yet lightweight panels that are similar in appearance to a metallic sponge.‎‎ It is visually striking, with a modern dramatic look.‎‎ For architecture, lightweight aluminum panels are produced in 12.‎‎7mm, 25.‎‎4mm, and 43.‎‎2mm thicknesses (1/2”, 1” & 1.‎‎7”) and three densities (Large Cell, Mid Cell & Small Cell, custom also available).‎‎ Each thickness and density has its own representative stress/strain curve.‎‎
Alusion™ Stabilized Aluminum Foam (SAF) is buoyant, flame and corrosion resistant in the same way as aluminum.‎‎ The surface of the aluminum foam panels is either left in its solid form as produced or undergoes surface preparations that provide many different appearances from a solid surface “shimmering” look to a translucent “water froth” look.‎‎
The Alusion™ lightweight aluminum panels are produced with a proprietary continuous panel production process, which gives them many advantages.‎‎ The product’s competitive edge is that no one can produce aluminum foam in the dimensions and volumes that Cymat Technologies Ltd.‎‎ can provide, with the overall consistency or even with the random yet uniform look in which it is created.‎‎ It is lightweight and easy to install, and is 100% recyclable.‎‎

Modern and dramatic appearance
100% recyclable, and contains up to 100% recycled content
Acoustic Absorption Properties
Non-Combustible with a flame spread of zero
Highly corrosion resistant
The strength, durability, and resilience of aluminum
Wind load resistance of up to 356 km per hour (221 mph)
Colors available: Luminous Silver color which can also be powder coated in limitless color choices
Use: Lightweight panels, exterior/interior cladding, ceilings, cabinets, doors, tabletops, furniture, showroom displays, lighting, fixtures, exhibits, signage etc.‎‎
Applications: Retail stores, hotels, private and public buildings.‎‎

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L, 1220 mm W x 2440 mm L, 1220 mm W x 3048 mm L, 1220 mm W x 3660 mm
Custom sized & longer panels also available upon demand
Standard thicknesses available in 25.4 mm
Production capacity: over 1800 m² per day

ALUSION™ - SMALL CELL Collection by Cymat Technologies Ltd
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