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Bar cabinet


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CUBE BAR GOLD | Bar cabinet


Bar cabinet


Aluminium, Acrylic

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Mauritius is surrounded by more than 150km of white sandy beaches, and its lagoons are protected by the world’s third-largest coral reef.‎ These turquoise lagoons and their crystalline waters inspired the design of the aqua collection: the reflection of the waves and the patterns drawn by the water movement on the coral sea floor.‎ The organic fluidity of these shapes defines the collection’s patterns: the aqua cube bar, a solid yet curvy bar cabinet defined by sharp edges, that can camouflage itself in every environment, the aqua shelves in their silver and gold finishes.‎

The Aqua collection is characterized by the use of two materials and two textures that are brought together to create a dialogue, mirroring the relationship between the ocean and the beaches that surround the island: We have, on the one hand, the shelves’ and cubes’ sand finishes - that were developed over the course of one full year - in black lava sand and white coral sand, echoing the pristine coral beaches and the volcanic origin of the island.‎ On the other, we have the silver and gold mirrored-surfaces, which symbolise the ocean water and recreate the dialogue between the island shores and theopen ocean.‎

Minibar made of Gold Mirrored Acrylic & Aluminium lining with Lava Sand finish.‎ Infinity Mirror shelf vertically raised through top of furniture via powered actuator switch.‎ Led colour inside Infinity Mirror and at bottom of furniture controlled through phone application.‎ Maximum handling weight of 125kg (approx 50 bottles).‎

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80 x 80 x 105 cm

Aqua Collection by Cypraea
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