d’Armes GIGI Blown glass table lamp with dimmer

  • Designer Studio d'Armes, Verre d'Onge

GIGI By d’Armes


Blown glass table lamp with dimmer

Gigi is playful.‎ Its lines are daring and its tones sensual.‎ Under the breath of the glassblower, the unique shades and tones of the color spread throughout the material.‎ It allows itself to be discovered, to be revealed in alternating opacity and transparency.‎
Gigi was the result of a professional love affair between Studio d'Armes and Verre d'Onge.‎ This joint project is the alliance of two domains: the mastery of glass and of light.‎ Its very existence emerges from a creative process focused on pleasure and an exploration of its physical nature, of the sensory experience of its presence in space, both in its table and floor version.‎
Gigi offers quality two-way lighting that fades to warmer shades to create a muted ambience in which it infuses a touch of playfulness, joy and softness.‎

High-quality two-way lighting (1400 Lumens, 93+ CRI).‎
Dim-to-Warm (3000K to 2200K).‎
Integrated touch dimmer switch.‎
Universal Voltage 110V to 240V.‎ Local plug included.‎

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Ø138 x H 410mm

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