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RA Pendant, modern with simple lines, is suspended by silicon cables at a slight angle.‎ Mounted above a table, its warm light conjures memories of an evening around a campfire.‎
Its clean and minimal lines, as well as the use of hand-curved neon, give it unparalleled personality and presence.‎ It takes shape like a line of light suspended in the sky, emphasizing the moment of its hypnotic halo.‎
Neon has long evoked images of harsh, white commercial lighting or bright, coloured flashy signs in the dark.‎ D’Armes gave neon a new use by distinctively shaping it to become the centrepiece of warm and luxurious lighting design.‎ The glass neon tubes, bent manually, contain a mixture of gaz and rare minerals that produce a warm, dimmable light with surprising features: 3000k – 1800 lumens.‎ Seductive and exceptional, RA lighting emits a hypnotic luminosity and aura.‎

Input voltage : 120V or 220-240V
Power input : 45W
Technology : Cold cathode neon, lifetime of 100 000h
CCT* : 3000K (Warm white)
Lumen source : 1800 lm
CRI : 94
Dimmable : 120V no, 220-240V DALI*

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A 61 cm (24 in)

B 89 cm (35 in)

C 112 cm (44 in)

D 201 cm (79 in)

2.4 kg / 5.2 lbs

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Ra Collection by d’Armes
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