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Day beds

The dormeuse is a piece of furniture generally inserted in the living area, capable of combining aesthetics and comfort, designed to offer maximum comfort and increasingly often inserted in contemporary contexts. In some cases a dormeuse can replace the sofa or simply combine with it, but it is certainly able to make a contribution to the aesthetics of an interior design project, in terms of style and sophistication, presenting itself as the protagonist of the living room with combinations of colors and materials that transform the space.

Dormeuse, between style and functionality

The day bed is a versatile and ductile furnishing accessory, now on the market in various versions, from models with minimal structure to padded, soft and over-size, let's see some. The leather day beds, very elegant and refined, play with volumes and colours, and are perfect in a contemporary living room with a minimalist style. The fabric day beds offer endless possibilities of stylistic, material and chromatic combinations, they adapt easily to any type of furniture, and can perfectly replace the sofa, especially in small apartments, with the advantage of offering even an extra bed for a sudden guest. The upholstered day beds are generously sized seats with large soft padded cushions, to be chosen in tone on tone or in contrast, inviting you to relax, read a book, listen to music or simply rest. Finally, the capitonné day beds has a more classic style and retains the typical charm of handmade padding, with seams and buttons that are combined in such a way as to create an alternation of diamonds and lozenges.

Dormeuse and chaise longue, how to distinguish them?

Let's try to define how a design dormeuse is made and what are the substantial differences, sometimes very small, with the chaise longue, his close relative. The dormeuse is very similar to a sofa, but has only one armrest, which also has the function of headrest, and the backrest is very small or sometimes completely absent. The shape of the day bed is reminiscent of that of a bench, but it has, compared to it, a greater depth and a more or less soft padding. It offers the possibility to lie down resting the bust on the backrest and armrest, a little halfway between a bed and an armchair. However, as it has a more linear shape, the day bed is decidedly more like a bed, while the chaise longue, which in most cases allows you to assume a position not completely lying down, is more similar to an armchair, but with a more elongated shape. Often the day bed is also defined by the English term daybed just to remember its relationship with the bed, a bed to devote a daytime place or a simple moment of relaxation.

Origins and evolution of the classical dormeuse

Like the chaise longue, the day bed also finds its origins in the Roman triclinium, used during banquets to eat and drink, a symbol of idleness and wealth. Many centuries later, we find examples of these "daybeds"; in paintings depicting scenes from court life in 18th century France, sofas with wooden frames embellished with cushions and padding covered with fine and elegant fabrics. Over time, the stylistic experimentation of which the day bed has been the object has allowed to reach compact and innovative forms, changing the traditional idea of the design of the dormeuse, but retaining the function of furniture for relaxation.

Sleeps outside too

For some it can only be a padded bench, for others it can be a comfortable daybed but for all it is absolutely synonymous with relaxation. When taken outdoors, it becomes a luxury to take a break on a garden day bed in the cool of a tree or by the pool. These comfortable outdoor chairs are able to transform your garden with class, originality and elegance without forgetting the comfort. In most cases they are day bed with removable covers, to allow easy washing and maintenance during the winter. Other times they include tables and bottle holders in the structure, to store the cocktail or rest the book for a short break from reading.

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