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Deck chairs

If you have a garden or terrace, a deck chair is undoubtedly the ideal choice to relax and enjoy your free time. Even people who are not lucky enough to own a small outdoor space, of course, can still enjoy the relaxation that only deckchairs can give, as they are available in many shapes and models, thus allowing the buyer to opt for the chair that best suits their relaxation needs. The traditional deckchair, simply called "deckchair", is characterized by a very basic structure, that is to say a base, usually made of metal or wood, and a canvas that allows the subject to rest his back and thus assume a semi-lying position. But today's design deckchair models are now available in a wide range of materials, with new shapes and functions for all environments and uses.

How to choose the best deckchair?

There are many elements to take into account when choosing the right deckchair, starting with your living, personal and space requirements. The models available are very varied, and differ from each other in materials, colors, width and structural characteristics.
Those who wish to insert the chair in a contemporary outdoor environment, for example, can opt for a metal model; wooden deckchairs, on the other hand, are certainly the most popular, and can be used in almost all environments, both indoor and outdoor. The most used essences to build these models are certainly oak, teak and pine, all materials that are resistant and able to withstand time. But there are also lighter and easier to carry models, such as plastic deckchairs, which are usually foldable and weatherproof.

The advantages of different models of deckchairs: Comparing features

People who have little space in the home or outdoors can opt for the folding deckchair models, which allow them to significantly reduce their space requirements and thus use the chair even in rooms with less space.
The reclining versions, in particular, allow you to calibrate your relaxation needs and transform the object into a comfortable lounger: the reclining models, in fact, can be structurally "stretched", and this allows you to use the object as a common chair when not reclined, and to use it as a small bed in case you want to relax your shoulders or sleep.
Fixed models, on the other hand, i. e. those that do not bend when necessary, are more suitable for those who do not have space problems.
All these models are available in different materials, according to the personal taste of the buyer. Many models, however, come with small accessories to calibrate your relaxation at any time, think of the deckchairs with armrests or even more comfortable versions with footrests. The color of the chair also plays an important role, and certainly has to be an additional element to be evaluated in the purchase of the object.

How to choose the right deckchair for your needs

The deckchairs are very useful seats, both in summer and winter, because they allow you to relax and use the chair for many purposes, to watch TV, to read sheltered in a shady place, to sunbathe in the garden, on the balcony or terrace, or simply to sleep, as there are models available to meet everyone's needs.
Space requirements undoubtedly require the purchase of a small chair, and if the environment in which you want to use it is very small it is always advisable to choose a folding model.
If you want to leave the seat outdoors, for example in a garden, it is advisable to buy a plastic one, or opt for a model of deckchair made of synthetic fiber or a technical fabric suitable for outdoor use.
While in all other cases you can opt for other models, such as the common fabric deck chairs.

Deck chairs: a relaxing object that becomes a furnishing accessory

Modern deck chairs are a multi-functional object, not only to relax, but also to furnish the house in an elegant and original way.
It's good to keep in mind that the deckchairs made of dark wood, are certainly more elegant and suitable to furnish an indoor environment, while those of light color, are more suitable for outdoor spaces such as beaches and parks.
The models of deckchairs made with more solid and finished materials will be more suitable to furnish the patio or the veranda, while if you want an object to be transported it is advisable to opt for a lighter material, such as plastic.
Finally, many models, such as the teak chairs with armrests, are particularly suitable for furnishing gardens, terraces or balconies, also because teak is a very resistant and perfect material to furnish the most rustic environments.

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