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Composite wood wall tiles

TWIX is one of the new the Déco products which constitute an expansion of its range: no longer focused exclusively on outdoor products but now also a trend-setter in interiors, offering solutions which provide continuity between interior and exterior, ideal for contemporary living.‎

TWIX is a slatted cladding system for vertical walls and false ceilings, designed for installation both inside and out, to give perfectly symmetrical surfaces.‎ The modular panel is part of the UltraShield® by Déco family of products, the new generation of composite wood.‎ It consists of three parallel elements and can create spaces without interruption to aesthetic and chromatic continuity, enhanced by all the beauty, warmth and advantages of composite wood.‎ TWIX actually has the same characteristics as UltraShield® by Déco: a unique combination of innovation, quality, durability and aesthetics.‎ A special plastic coating, extruded together with the product mix, coats and protects the planks, making them hardwearing, immune to colour variation over time, antiscratch and anti-stain.‎

Furthermore, the slatted system helps to eliminate reverberation, improving the acoustics of the space.‎ Resistant to all types of external aggression - natural, environmental or chemical - TWIX is guaranteed for up to 35 years after laying, with no maintenance required.‎

In line with the Déco philosophy, TWIX and the UltraShield® by Déco products are eco-sustainable: the wood flour they are made of comes from recycled wood chips and therefore has zero impact on deforestation, while the HDPE component (high-density polyethylene) is a totally biodegradable PVC substitute.‎

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- Twix® Classic: 25 x 197 x 3000 mm - profilo a 5 elementi da 2,5 cm
-Twix® XL:25x197x3000mm- profilo a 3 elementi da5cm - Twix® Claddy: 18 x 210 x 3000 mm - profilo a 2 elementi da 9 cm
- Twix® Full Claddy: 13 x 142 x 3000 mm

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