Déco CLAP! Synthetic material flooring with wood effect


CLAP! By Déco


Synthetic material flooring with wood effect

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Clap!Real is the new natural wood floor with a heart of stone powder and polymers.‎ An absolute novelty designed to allow you to walk and live on a natural wood floor while enjoying all the advantages of a high-performance material.‎ 
With a walkable natural wood layer, Clap!Real is the revolutionary enhanced oak interior flooring.‎ The protective varnish and the advanced inner compound of stone powder and polymers combine to make Clap!Real the best performing natural wood floor covering ever in terms of stability, moisture resistance, ease of maintenance and ease of laying.‎
No drying time: Clap!Real is the new wooden floor that can be walked on immediately after laying.‎ Using the innovative 5G interlocking system, Clap!Real planks can be installed firmly and quickly even on existing floors and without the need for adhesives.‎

The advantages of Clap!GO®

- Revolutionary technology
- Extreme realism
- Pleasant warmth
- Resistance
- Total absence of joint lines
- Totally waterproof
- Easy and quick installation
- Easy maintenance
- Soundproofing
- Safety, quality, environmental sustainability

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6 x 190 x 1800 mm

Clap! Collection by Déco
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