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Decor allows to customize your spaces to a maximum extent, with a specific attention paid to details. While functionality is the core when buying the house furniture, choosing the decorations is largely influenced by personal taste and by the design of the other furnishing complements. Rugs, mirrors, wall stickers, candles, decorative objects, vases, frames are among the most sought-after decorative items.

Decor: beyond aesthetics

When furnishing a house, the style of the decoration is what really makes the difference on the final overall effect. In addition, decor allows to easily change the look of a room and pass from one style to another with just a few elements. However, decorative objects do not only play an aesthetic function; they can also have a value for the design project. To make an example a wall mirror, next to decorating, a wall mirror will make a small room look larger; at the same time, shelves alow to best exploit the niches that are most difficult to furnish and can replace bookcases and cabinets conferring a lighter effect and a smaller visual clutter. While decorating a home, vases and decorative objects are to be carefully dosed in order to ensure a balance among all elements that please the eyes. A good solution is to group together several small size items, mixing materials, heights and origins. The souvenir from a trip, for instance can be coupled with more linear and minimal decorative objects of combined colors. This way the souvenir will integrate better in the space and dialogue with the other objects.

Rugs, cushions, curtains and linens: textile to decorate the house

Textiles and rugs are really important for the final effect of a furnishing project. From the table to the bed lines, passing through the sofa covering and decorative cushions: each element will play its part in the final overall effect. You can opt for daring with colors, learning how to balance them, creating even unusual combinations but with a strong character. On the other hand, those who are more cautious, can opt for choosing colors in tone with the other furnishing elements for a tone-on-tone effect. Not to be forgotten are also curtains and blinds, whose choice is most times considered one of the most difficult.

Decorating the house walls

Among the most popular decorating complements there are certainly frames and prints, which allow to decorate the walls in a customized way, creating combinations and compositions with a powerful effect. Deciding how to position frames on the wall is easy and fun, although a certain amount of precision is often necessary, especially if you seek to obtain a perfectly aligned effect. If you opt for a more diversified composition, you will not need to study the precise positioning of each nail and you can, moreover, alternate the presence of prints with small objects, shelves, mirrors, so as to add rhythm to the wall. Other decorative elements for the wall that are certainly able to change the look of an entire room are the wall paper, which has experiences a comeback of sorts just in recent times, and adhesive decorations, that represent a more temporary and light solution as they are made with adhesive materials that make them easy to detach and reposition.

Organizing and decorating the space

Furthermore, furnishing complements are essential in order to divide and organize the space. Each room has its dedicated complements: clothes racks and umbrella stands for the entrance, magazine racks and bookends for the living room, valet stands and hangers for the sleeping area, just to give a few examples, The possibilities are nonetheless almost endless and put anyone in the position to customize the space and make it more practical in the most personal way possible.

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