Degxel GLASS HEATER Electric panel infrared radiator

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Electric panel infrared radiator

Product code

DEG-GLASS-001 - 072

The DEGXEL Colour Glass range offers so many colour options as you can only imagine.‎ It is particularly popular among the interior designers for its capacity to merge to its environment thanks to their thickness, finish and customisation possibilities (colours and accessories).‎ The glass surface, slightly glossy, consists of a "securit ESG" safety glass perfect for use in any type of room.‎
The "Colour Glass" range is ideal for customers looking for a high efficient design solution at a reasonable price.‎

210W: DEG-GLASS-001 (white), DEG-GLASS-002 (yellow), DEG-GLASS-003 (orange), DEG-GLASS-004 (red), DEG-GLASS-005 (green), DEG-GLASS-006 (blue), DEG-GLASS-007 (grey), DEG-GLASS-008 (black) - heating area 3 to 6 m2 - weight 6 kg
310W: DEG-GLASS-009 (white), DEG-GLASS-010 (yellow), DEG-GLASS-011 (orange), DEG-GLASS-012 (red), DEG-GLASS-013 (green), DEG-GLASS-014 (blue), DEG-GLASS-015 (grey) DEG-GLASS-016 (black) - heating area 4 to 8 m2 - weight 9 kg
350W: DEG-GLASS-017 (white), DEG-GLASS-018 (yellow), DEG-GLASS-019 (orange), DEG-GLASS-020 (red), DEG-GLASS-021 (green), DEG-GLASS-022 (blue), DEG-GLASS-023 (grey), DEG-GLASS-024 (black) - heating area 6 to 11 m2 - weight 12 kg
450W: DEG-GLASS-025 (white), DEG-GLASS-026 (yellow), DEG-GLASS-027 (orange), DEG-GLASS-028 (red), DEG-GLASS-029 (green), DEG-GLASS-030 (blue), DEG-GLASS-031 (grey), DEG-GLASS-032 (black) - heating area 7 to 13 m2 - weight 15 kg

Other dimensions powers on specific request
(600W) - heating area 11 to 18 m2 - weight 20 kg
(730W) - heating area 12 to 20 m2 - weight 22 kg
(780W) - heating area 13 to 22 m2 - weight 25 kg
(1000W) - heating area 17 to 29 m2 - weight 30 kg
(1020W) - heating area 18 to 30 m2 - weight 30 kg

The kits of innovative options to associate with our different product lines allow to form a bespoke heater in order to meet the needs of the interior designers (power, size, form, colour, decoration, frame, control system, towel dryer kit, LED kit, mobile kit, etc.‎).‎

Colour: Provide a CMYK code - RAL code DEG-COLORPERS;

Finish: rendering: slightly shiny, texture: smooth glass;

Technology: DEGXEL Long Infrared Heating;

Mounting: Wall or ceiling, very easy, mounting system included;

Electrical connection: On standard socket 230V, 50Hz;

Effectiveness: The DEGXEL heaters have just been recognised (by the Austrian independent engineering firm GENIO) the most economical heating solution over a period of 20 years;

Control and temperature system: control kit included;
Guarantee: 8 years.‎

Further info from manufacturer on GLASS HEATER Degxel
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