Delta Light DOT.COM FAMILY | Ceiling lamp

Modular ceiling light

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DOT.COM FAMILY | Ceiling lamp


Modular ceiling light



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The revival of the Dot.‎ Com.‎
The Dot.‎ Com takes miniaturisation to a whole new dimension.‎ Starting from the initial Dot.‎ Com first launched in 2004 (upgraded in 2008 & 2010), the collection is now completely revived to combine the best of the original Dot.‎ Com with the latest technology, featuring new proportions, new colours and new applications.‎ The Dot.‎ Com collection is a timeless and highly functional architectural lighting tool.‎ This minimalistic and discrete luminaire assures optimal optic performance and maximum eye comfort.‎ The Small version only needs 25mm of width, a nearly invisible appearance yet with visible impact.‎ The Medium range includes an adjustable version - with tilting possibility of 30° - ideal for instance to emphasize an artwork on the wall.‎ With an output up to 12W per luminaire, the Large range is the most powerful within the Dot.‎ Com series.‎ It comes in both recessed and surface mounted solutions.‎ Furthermore, Dot.‎ Com is not only limited to spotlight beam angles, it also has linear wallwashers in its range, build around an in-house engineered linear lens, resulting in a soft, even light effect for vertical surfaces.‎ These come as single luminaires, as modules to fit in Delta Light’s magnetic profiles; and as a bespoke trimless profile solution, perfect to adapt the light to your specific desires.‎

Dot.Com Collection by Delta Light
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