Desalto STAC Wooden containers system with metal sheet structure

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STAC By Desalto


Wooden containers system with metal sheet structure

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The Stac containers family was created from the concept of offering different types of furniture with different functions, not by means of variations in size, but by stacking the elements.‎ Each module is in fact made of a monolithic wooden volume, supported by a thin metal sheet that can be inserted into the module below, creating an open compartment and allowing stacking.‎ There are two variations - one horizontal, the other vertical - each of which can be assembled with modules of two different heights.‎ The possibility of purchasing the single element or combining several elements by stacking them together gives rise to different types: a small low container can function autonomously or, if surmounted by another module, transform into a sideboard equipped with a mobile bar, a TV console can become a sideboard with drawers.‎
The materials involved, wood and iron, were used trying to minimize the visual impact as much as possible; so the sheet metal, used side-on in 3 mm thickness, guarantees support by suspending the wood in an almost magical equilibrium.‎ The wooden block is characterised by 45-degree encounters that enhance the continuity of the wood veining.‎ The production goal was to reduce and standardise the components to optimise the processes.‎ Even the sheet metal, which is folded, in addition to avoiding welds, is consistent with the encounters between the elements of the wooden shell.‎ The autonomy of the various modules creates a great advantage because it allows the furniture to be shipped ready-assembled, without taking up too much space.‎

Wooden containers system with metal sheet structure.‎

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A = L105 P45 H95 cm
B = L105 P45 H60 cm
A+B = L105 P45 H155 cm

C = L 215 P45 H54 cm
D = L215 P45 H36 cm
C+D = L215 P45 H90 cm

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