Diabla GRILL High aluminium stool with footrest


GRILL | Stool By Diabla


High aluminium stool with footrest

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GRILL is an high aluminium stool with footrest by DIABLA, design by MUT Design.‎

Available from October 2020.‎ For more information, please ask the manufacturer.‎

GRILL transports minimalism and the essence of geometry to outdoor spaces, contrasting and merging its mathematical character with the inherent forms of nature.‎ Conceived by Alberto Sánchez and Eduardo Villalón, founders of MUT Design, this collection stands out for its strong personality and aesthetics that bring it closer to the category of artistic object.‎ GRILL invites us to imagine that Mondrian’s vision can be transformed into an element of daily use, to be enjoyed from a free and everyday perspective.‎

GRILL introduces a linear language, pure and light visually and blurs the limits that separate the interior space from the exterior.‎ These functional and decorative elements, of an architectural nature, have a structure of repetitive and fluid lines that form a framework inspired by traditional iron grills.‎

This versatile collection, composed of a chair, stools (high and low) and a chair with armrests, permits an infinite number of possible combinations to create different spaces and ambiences.‎ These are comfortable, simple pieces that are easy to move and stack, made entirely from welded aluminium and which stand out for their linear silhouettes that transmit lightness.‎

The collection is presented in a wide range of colours: these are DIABLA’s standard colours.‎

GRILL made its debut with its first prototypes in the “A la fresca” installation designed by the same designers for the “Das Haus” project at this year’s Imm Cologne fair.‎ The award-winning Valencian studio is a regular collaborator of Gandia Blasco Group brands.‎

Colours: White, pink, red, grey, anthracite, blue, mustard, sand, bronze, olive green.‎

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54 x 53 x 85 cm

Grill Collection by Diabla
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