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ECLIPSE | Stackable chair


Stackable chair



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DIEMMEBI chooses Orgatec in Cologne for the worldwide reveal of the new Eclipse monocoque designed by Angelo Pinaffo.‎ The seat is available in 5 different versions: four legs, sled, swivel, bench, as well as a more glamorous version entirely made of steel rod.‎ Solutions adaptable to the various surfaces of the countless contract worlds.‎ This is the offer of the Paduan designer who for the Venetian company has signed best-selling pieces including laKendò.‎
The birth of an idea: mankind has always gazed with great interest at the mystery of the infinite space, trying to interpret it and represent it.‎ It was only in the 60s that we could physically move away from the earth's atmosphere, initiating space explorations.‎
These epochal events in some way involved everyone and projected mankind towards new boundaries, definitively changing the collective imagination, perspectives, and points of view.‎ In this period of great cultural changes, the world of design was also influenced, and there was a phase of great creativity on the wings of a wave of optimism, freedom, and nonconformity, thanks also to the use of innovative materials.‎
50 years after the moon landing, the Eclipse project wants to be a tribute to that period; its design was also inspired by the observation and study of objects created back then that became iconic, expressions of a feasible futuristic modernity.‎
The themes that recur in this project are the curved line and the concept of lightness.‎
Elliptical orbits, spherical planets, everything in the universe is curved, intelligent paths that make sense of a system where nothing is straight.‎ Gravity is not heavy among the stars, strangely nothing seems to weigh there, although this force binds everything.‎
Eclipse is born from these memory lanes.‎
The formal line that generates it is continuous and originates a clean and minimalistic seat.‎ A fluid form of almost weightless curved geometries.‎ The planes that cut the space come together with a visual play that induces us to think of the absence of contrasting forces.‎ There is no interruption among its full and empty spaces, there is a thread that leads and connects all of its 'phases' with one another.‎

Eclipse Collection by Diemmebi
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