DIERRE SYNERGY-IN BI-ELETTRA DETECTOR Acoustic metal safety door with electronic lock




Acoustic metal safety door with electronic lock

Synergy-In Bi-Elettra Detector is a full-optional single swing security door with fully motorized electronic lock (with high-security key-key emergency release) and with liquid crystal display.‎

The combined action of several elements pursuing a common goal, in order to obtain an overall effect resulting in enhanced efficacy as compared to simply adding them up.‎

By masterfully interpreting the growing tendency to search for a unique high-performing unit, Dierre created a new jewel in security doors: the Synergy line.‎ In the thickness of a normal security door, Synergy integrates and enhances the action of different technical features - thermal insulation, sound insulation, resistance to fire, resistance to burglary attempts, resistance to air/water/wind – thus reaching absolutely top levels of excellence.‎

Available as Synergy In, for vertical type buildings, and Synergy Out for horizontal constructions, the Synergy patent combines avant-garde materials with a revolutionary production technology, where the performing layers are not overlapped on the outside of the sheet, but composed within the structure itself, making up a complex and perfectly organic system.‎ Synergy- the utmost performance in minimum thickness, for a door with a concept of security in its full essence.‎

Created to be fitted directly in contact with external environments in villas and terraced houses, Synergy Out offers a high degree of thermal insulation and, thanks to its special structure with PVC frame (with steel core), conferring it high standards in terms of anti-condensation, bears all the effects resulting from the constant exposure to the more extreme weathering agents, keeping appearance and functionality unaltered in time.‎

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L 800, 850, 900 mm
H standard 1: 2000, 2050, 2100 mm
H standard 2: 1950, 1970, 1980, 2020, 2040, 2200 mm

Extra dim
L 500/1000 mm
H 1900/2400 mm

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