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Dining table accessories

Dining table accessories are essential to customize the kitchen. Plates, cutlery and glasses are but some among other table accessories that can be chosen with care and attention in order to unleash your creativity and complete the space furniture. Accessories for the dining table are available in a multitude of colors, materials and shapes, range from a classic to a modern style and are designed to meet any furnishing requirement.

How to choose table accessories

The set of plates is definitely the first crucial element in a kitchen and dining room. It can be essential and therefore only include flat plates, soup plates and side dishes or they can be richer and comprehensive and also include, for instance bowls, saucers, serving dishes and coordinated salad bowl. For a daily mise en place, a service in ceramic, terracotta or porcelain stoneware cannot be missing, one that is resistant to wear and possibly to dishwasher and microwave cooking. A second service for special occasion can be made of porcelain and feature precious decorations that require extra delicacy in the cleaning process and are not suitable for the dishwasher. Today’s cutlery sets are no longer made of stainless steel with the classic finishing (or of silver for important occasions), but are available on the market with many different finishes, glossy or matte; among others, pvd certainly sticks out, which is obtained through a chemical-physical process on steel, so to give it desaturated or, on the contrary, vibrant and utterly original colors for a table and always guaranteeing a high level of resistance as it is needed for items that are intensively used. The offer also includes cutlery made of valuable metals, s well as of wood and plastic. Glasses are yet another element to be combined. For daily use, low models in transparent or colored glass, according to personal tastes, are more recommended. For special dinners or events, however it is better to also have crystal wine glasses, beer glasses and champagne flutes, so as to be well equipped for every occasion.

Mix & match: learn how to mingle styles, colors and materials

If on one side many people like to have all elements coordinated and reflect a unique style or color, on the other others believe that a well dressed table is only obtained through a wise mixture where all item are not necessarily coupled. So green light to creativity and imagination, shaping combinations even with contrast, by placing on the table bowls and trays, napkin holders, drink coasters, sugar bowls, salt and pepper sets, salad bowls, bread bins, carafes, decanters, just to name a few examples, but the possibilities are endless. The mix & match will allow elements that perhaps we have inherited from our family of origin (very often services that miss many pieces but to which we bind our memories) to coexist on the same table with other accessories decidedly more contemporary; or, on a neutral base, as it could be a nice set of plates or cutlery, you can play with the color, inserting different colored plates and bowls, elements that are perhaps different from one other and of diverse origin. This type of mise en place should not be dedicated to special occasions, but can be put into practice every day: setting the table becomes a fun experience, able to stimulate the imagination, to put us in a good mood and allow us to fully enjoy the flavors of the dishes we have cooked.

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