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Display Cabinets

Display cabinets are mobile containers used to order the objects and items you want to display. They are a precious treasure chest that shows, without flaunting, but that naturally captures the eye. A display case for the living area not only responds to a need, but is also capable of furnishing a space with models of classic and modern design.

Show your personality with the display cabinet

Faithful custodians of memories and passions, display cabinets are designed to transform what you love into an integral part of the furniture. They are perfect for giving a personal touch to any room and furnishing the house with character, making it unique and original. A designer display case can therefore be a fabulous decorative and functional piece of furniture, which helps not only to keep order, but also, thanks to the glass, to lighten the furnishing with plays of transparencies and the alternation of empty and full spaces, creating an overall harmonious effect. In fact, one of the great advantages of this material is to reflect the light and create optical effects of great impact. This is particularly evident in the display case, which is characterised by being completely transparent. In these types of display cases, both the shelves and the rest of the panels are usually made entirely of glass and have a very light structure in other materials. This type of display case collects, displays, enhances and preserves the objects contained, giving the environment a very chic tone.

The display cabinet is a matter of style

A decisive factor in the choice of the display cabinet is the style of the furnishings: the showcase should take over and complete it. The classic display cabinets remain the most loved by those who are looking for nostalgic atmospheres and vintage flavors. These customise the space with impressive solutions and refined splendour. While the modern ones exhibit a look as intriguing as it is sober and discreet. They are characterized by a simple, clean, graphic and minimalist design. This exceptional piece of furniture therefore adds a lightness and simplicity unique to any room. But whatever the preferred style, the designer showcase stands out for its high formal sophistication and quality of detail.

Design display cabinets to exhibit and exhibiting

The display case is a piece of furniture that is characterized by its glass doors that allow you to display objects that may be superfluous, perhaps essential, that found space between its shelves. You can store papers, books and work materials in professional environments such as studios or offices, but also contributes to the organization of many rooms in the house: such as hallway areas, kitchens or lounges where you can show off dishes, books, ornaments or photographs. But, this piece of furniture becomes a must for collectors, who want to keep their collectibles in plain sight and at the same time protect them from dust.
When choosing a shop display cabinet, some small but fundamental aspects must be taken into consideration. The first is certainly to understand in which room you want to place it. It is therefore necessary to measure the space available to choose the correct size. To enhance the characteristics of glass, you can choose to place the display case near a source of natural or artificial light. In this way, both the furniture and the objects contained in it will immediately catalyze the gaze. You also need a style that best suits the design of the house and therefore you should take into account the palette of colors and materials available. Last but not least, the quantity and type of objects to be stored in the display case must be defined.

Choose the perfect showcase for every environment

Depending on the space available, it is possible to choose high display cabinets that make the most of the height, with one, two or three doors or drawers and side doors in which it is possible to store any type of object that you want to hide from view and that will give a more functional and modern look to the environment.
Corner display cabinets, on the other hand, use the corners of the walls to obtain an original effect that respects the shapes of the room.
For small rooms, suspended display cabinets are perfect. These, leaving the floor below free, do not take up much space and make the environment light and spacious without overloading the home. Before fixing a hanging display case to the wall, it is advisable to consider its height so that it does not hinder the passage and check the weight it can bear.
If you want to give free rein to your creativity by creating harmonious or geometric compositions, color and material combinations, games of symmetries or asymmetries, you can choose modular display cabinets. These are storage units that may be equipped with accessories that allow you to combine and mix different elements. They represent a practical solution, which thanks to their modular character can be adapted over time to various needs. Often the shelves are also adjustable in height, so you can adjust them according to the objects you want to store there.

Mix of materials and colours of display cabinets

Since display cabinets are a treasure chest for our most expensive, beautiful and precious objects, it is important to choose the right materials. Also for this reason, the design of these storage units is the subject of continuous stylistic and material experimentation to ensure that the originality of their design meets functionality.
Wooden display cases are timeless, an expression of quality and robust. They can be integrated in almost any type of environment and give a feeling of warmth and welcome. The contrast between the wood and the glass of the doors makes this furnishing accessory refined and elegant.
Metal display cases, on the other hand, combine the strength of this material with the brightness of the glass, which captures and diffuses light, adding a shiny and fresh touch to the surrounding environment. If you want to capture the attention of those who enter the room, you can choose lacquered display cabinets. Available in various colours and shades, these pieces of furniture are well suited to modern and contemporary furnishings, as well as to more classic and traditional contexts. Those with light shades, are perfect for small and poorly lit rooms, as they make the room seem larger and brighter and bring a breath of fresh air. If, on the other hand, you want to give liveliness and cheerfulness to the environment, then you can only opt for the many shop display cabinets with bright and shiny colors.
To immediately capture the eye of those who enter the room, the perfect solution is to choose the display case with integrated lighting that becomes a transparent and light solid able to enhance with an impalpable light, reflected in the glass, the precious objects contained.

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