147 Diverters

The flow diverter is a water system valve that allows the flow of water to be directed to several outlets. This accessory is now very popular, especially considering the many functions of modern shower columns, which are increasingly technological and elaborate.
The diverters are elements that are particularly useful inside the bathroom, contributing to the success of a perfect furnishing project in every detail. From brass to stainless steel products, these are objects that fit into any context from the most classic to the most modern. The design of these complements varies from the more traditional knob shapes of classic style diverters to the sharper, more linear geometric structures of modern diverters.

Where to place the diverter

The diverters have the specific function of stopping the water outlet from a tap to divert it to another dispensing point.
The simplest shower diverters allow you to decide whether to channel the flow of water to the shower head, for a total relaxation experience or to the hand shower, for a quick shower of a few minutes.
This system is also widely used in small bathrooms, where shower and bathtub are combined, through the bathtub diverters you can choose whether to direct the water to the shower head or simply decide to fill the bathtub through the appropriate tap.

2 to 5-way diverters

The diverter is an indispensable component for bathtub and shower taps, the most popular model is the classic 2-way diverter, which allows you to direct the water towards the mouth and hand shower for the bathtub, or towards the hand shower and shower head.
In the case of an additional third outlet, a 3-way diverter must be installed, in which case you may decide to direct the water through a shower head, hand shower or use a hydromassage jet, for example.
In the most complex faucet sets, it is even possible to filter the water through four different elements of the shower enclosure, with the possibility of combining some of them, all through the multifunctional 4-way diverters.
The multifunction shower columns could not boast their extra uses without the possibility of installing diverters up to 5 ways, thanks to which you can enjoy emotional showers complete with side jets and hydromassage jets.

Manual and automatic diverters

On the market there are different models of diverters with different characteristics and applications.
The manual diverters are the most classic models on the market and allow you to direct the water jet manually through a lever or knob.
Modern automatic diverters are operated by means of simple flow diversion buttons.
Often inserted in the shower or bath set, the diverter must necessarily match the shapes and style of the faucets chosen for the entire bathroom.

What materials can a diverter be made of?

Diverter switch components can be made of different types of materials, depending on the effectiveness and durability that this instrument will have over time.
The most common are certainly the brass diverters, they can be finished with enamels and chrome plating and represent an excellent compromise between quality and price of the product.
The stainless steel diverters, on the other hand, are of higher quality workmanship and are therefore suitable to last longer. It is important to underline that this type of material requires adequate and constant maintenance.

Maintenance of diverters

As with all bathroom faucet elements, diverters also require frequent cleaning and careful maintenance.
After using the bathtub or shower, it is advisable to clean the surfaces with a cloth and then dry them thoroughly so that they do not form halos and stains.
To avoid the formation of limescale it is advisable to use specific products and treatments, usually indicated in the technical data sheets of the products.
It is also advisable to periodically change the internal seals, which will inevitably wear out over time, so as to avoid annoying water leaks. ... More ... less
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