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The choice of a door is bound to the style we have chosen to furnish our space with. Whether meant for a house or an office, before installing a door it is important to carefully study the surrounding environment.
A glass door, for instance, ca let extra light and air into a particularly dark space; a sliding door or a pocket sliding door can be crucial if there is little room available.

Indoor doors materials

There are plenty of typologies of doors to choose from, depending on the environment we are furnishing, but the first element to examine is undoubtedly the material. Doors can come in many different materials, each one with its diverse finishes. Wood doors, for instance, can be either made of solid wood or of other materials such as laminate, MDF, wood veneer or cork. What are the other materials a door can be made of? Among the most popular there is glass that, as in the previous case, declines in many typologies of glass doors like satin glass, tempered glass, or doors with mirrored glass. Other typologies of doors that feature different materials are steel doors and doors made of ceramic materials or plastic. There is yet another solution using two different materials on a single door. This is the case for instance of doors in wood and glass.

Types of door openings: from hinged to sliding doors

The opening of indoor doors is of utmost importance for two main reasons, namely the space needed in a room and the style chosen to furnish it.
Hinged doors are the most broadly known type of indoor doors, available also in a minimal version with flush-to-the-wall doors or doors with hidden hinges. If your space is not too large, sliding doors are probably the most appropriate solution, since the usual angular opening space will be recovered once the door opens. This solution is also ideal to separate large-size spaces. As a matter of fact it is quite frequent to find large glass sliding doors in offices, living areas or spaces alike. Another solution enabling to save space in modestly-sized environments is represented by folding doors with a book-like opening. This kind of door is made up of two leaves folding onto each other to eventually occupy the space of a unique lateral panel; the folding system allows to reduce the space occupied by the door. Another type of doors that sticks out for its extraordinarily innovative character are swing doors. This model of indoor doors too aim to solve space-related issues at home or at the office. In particular this type of door significantly reduces the space occupied by the leaf. The opening mechanism, that at a first glance looks like the one of standard hinged doors, allows the door to revolve, rather than rotating thus moving the pivot from the doorposts to the right middle of the door panels.

The style to choose for your indoor door

If you want to furnish your space with a classic style, hinged doors in wood or engineered wood are the best option. Lacquered doors, white colored for instance, can perfectly fit a Scandinavian style, while doors in natural wood or tempered glass combine nicely with a honey-colored parquet.
A more modern style allows to dare with the choice on doors. Another alternative is offered by glass pivot doors. This specific kind of doors features a hinge-less panel and a bidirectional opening. Full length glass doors with aluminum ties offer another great contemporary alternative and simulate the typical garage glass windows.

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