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Doors and windows

As in the case of new builds and of renovation works, especially when this concerns improving the energy efficiency, choosing doors and windows becomes crucial to set the right atmosphere to an environment. Although the market is full of options, as a first thing it is necessary to evaluate the project requirements from a technical and functional perspective. Doors and windows can be chosen on the basis of their insulating capacity so that they result in a certain degree of energy saving and a better quality of life inside the house. At the same time, such a choice is also the outcome of the evaluation of the degree of safety that a door (especially if external) or a window can guarantee. In the case of renovation works, besides aiming at upgrading the energy efficiency or safety level of the house, you can consider changing doors and windows, in order to sell the building, so to enhance its real and perceived value.

How to choose the doors

The choice of doors is crucial for the success of a furnishing project, as in the residential domain as within the office environment. In the case of a private dwelling, natural wood doors or doors in painted, covered or lacquered engineered wood are a common choice. Doors for the indoor can be with hinged or sliding doors, the latter being a solution that allows to save space corresponding with the area that is necessary for the door to open, which is then hidden inside the wall. Yet another option for modest-size spaces can be a folding door, taking up space just as large as the size of a single panel. Doors can feature a frame with the same finishing, although more modern solutions are characterized by a flush-with-wall installation that makes them little obstructive, even near to invisible, or, better, camouflaged with the wall when they are closed. A solution that is most commonly adopted in working or public spaces is represented by glass doors, allowing natural light to get in better and to give breath to a particularly dark space, especially when there are no windows. However this material can also be be used with no issue in the residential context, for instance in order to make partition walls in glass or metal within which it is also possible to install a door. In this way the whole wall allows the sight to stretch for a really charming effect. Nonetheless the choice goes beyond just indoor doors. Entrance doors and garage doors are another central element within an architectural project. They are first of all designed in order to guarantee safety, although today this does not exclude that they can respond to aesthetic needs as well.

How to choose the right windows

Window profiles are the elements that together with entrance doors connect the indoor with the outdoor. An adequate choice is synonym of a high living comfort of the spaces and a better energy efficiency inside the building. As a connecting element, they need to be interesting on the aesthetic level both when looked at from the outside – and therefore in rapport to the entire façade - and from the inside. For a furnishing project to be successful it has necessarily to take into account the pre-existing window profiles, or, in case of renovation works give precise instructions on the style to recreate so as to achieve a harmonious project. Aside from doors and French doors - if ceiling light spots are needed as it can be the case for attics, but not only – it is possible to consider the installation of one or more skylights; whereas in order to shelter from direct solar light and thus insulate from the warm weather, it can be very useful to install blinds and sunblinds that if well designed are also able to guarantee a pleasant aesthetic result.

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