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The new line of Twin Aurum mattresses guarantees a precise and highly defined support thanks to the Twin System spring system alongside absolute comfort thanks to the plush cover in Silk and Cashmere.‎
The fabric used for the cover is enhanced by a beautiful Capitonné finishing and the combination of Silk, Viscose and Polyester.‎ Silk is one of the noblest and most precious fibres existing in nature.‎ It offers a feeling of pleasurable softness while maintaining coolness in the summer and warmth in the winter.‎ Viscose is a natural, lightweight fibre with a luminous and brilliant appearance that is extremely soft and velvety to the touch.‎ The Polyester used is of premium quality and guarantees exceptional elasticity and durability to preserve the special characteristics of the cover.‎
Inside the deluxe padding are premium quality materials that grant sheer comfort during sleep.‎ Cashmere is one of the most precious natural fibres and one that ensures extraordinary softness over time.‎ Not only, it also helps to maintain body temperature constant thanks to its heat regulation properties.‎ The Cotton used is an organic type that favours the constant passage of air while dispersing body heat.‎ Ingeo fibre, derived from Maize and other vegetable starches, is very elastic and quickly absorbs excess moisture.‎ To maintain the hygiene of the mattress, the cover is removable and washable at 30°C.‎
The core of Twin Aurum mattresses contain the innovative spring system Twin System and 2 layers of Myform Extension placed on the top and bottom side.‎ Twin System springs give precision support to each part of the body, accommodating its movements, while the layers in Myform Extension placed closer to the body increase comfort and cushioning for a deep and rejuvenating sleep.‎
Dedicate the Twin Aurum line to customers who are seeking an exclusive product and who prefer sleeping on a mattress with spring technology, while having contact with the precious natural materials.‎

Highly defined support, incredible elasticity and proportionality to the weight applied: these are the remarkable features of the Twin System spring system contained in Simphony.‎ Night after night, this mattress delivers a sleep experience memorable for its ergonomics and maximum relaxation.‎ The cover is made with natural materials: Silk, Cashmere, Organic Cotton and Ingeo Fibre, all which bestow incredible comfort and softness.‎ The mattress with 7 targeted zones contains in the centre the Twin System spring system which guarantees a calibrated and targeted support, while on the top and bottom sides of the spring system, the Myform Extension provides exceptional elasticity.‎ Stretching out on this mattress there is an initial perception of the cushioning and comfort of the cover's plush padding, whereas the materials used for the core are studied to produce a soft support.‎

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GENERAL - Twin Aurum Collection by Dorelan
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