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Spring Myform® mattress



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Calibrated, proper support of each zone of the body for an ergonomic support and pleasant comfort: these are the characteristics of the mattresses of the FORever line, designed to meet different needs for comfort.‎
Included in the range are mattresses in Myform, with a system including 800 pocket springs and 400 Bonnel springs to offer a choice of the type of support best suited to the demand.‎
For mattresses in Myform and models with 800 pocket springs there is a choice of two covers: Fibersan Pad or Memory Pad.‎ Both covers are made of a fabric made of Viscose and Polyester.‎ Viscose is a natural, lightweight fibre with a luminous and brilliant appearance;the Polyester used is premium quality and guarantees exceptional elasticity and durability to preserve the special characteristics of the cover night after night.‎ In the hypoallergenic version, the fabric undergoes a lavender, lemon and eucalyptus-based treatment that inhibits the proliferation of dust-mites to lend the product its hypoallergenic feature.‎ The padding of the Fibersan Pad hypoallergenic cover made with Bamboo fibre provides soft and delicate comfort.‎ Bamboo fibre, a natural and very soft material, features a high level of breathability and maintains the body temperature at the right level, in every season guaranteeing a feeling of freshness and well-being.‎
The padding of the Memory Pad cover contains Myform Memory Clima on the winter side.‎ This material, thanks to the special nanotechnologies applied, absorbs heat and ensures a perfect heat regulation without sacrificing the comfort of memory foam.‎ On the summer side, the padding in Dimension provides soft and delicate comfort thanks to Bamboo fibre, which boasts a high level of breathability and maintains the body temperature at the right level, in every season guaranteeing a feeling of freshness and well-being.‎
Suggest mattresses from this line to customers who are searching for solid, durable and traditional support, including a constant elastic response to each movement and a proper anatomic support.‎

Lying down on Wonder means experiencing support that is truly firm, precise, and perfectly elastic.‎ Its core, consisting of an innovative system of 800 pocket springs by Dorelan with exclusive Box System and Fisiomassage layer, offers good, personalised support to each part of the body, providing comfort that is always balanced and pleasant.‎ The cover of the Wonder mattress is compact and not removable.‎ The mattress with 7 targeted zones contains in the centre a box with 800 pocket springs that guarantee a targeted support, whereas on the top and bottom side of the spring system is a layer in Fisiomassage that increases the comfort.‎ This mattress can be fitted with the Memory Pad cover to bestow a feeling of cushioned comfort or with the Fibersan Pad cover to provide a sensation of balanced comfort.‎ The materials used for the core are studied to generate a balanced support.‎

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L 80/85 90 100 120 140 160/5/170 180
P 190/5/200
F.mis al m2

GENERAL - FORever Collection by Dorelan
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