Modular system for raised flooring

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Modular system for raised flooring

The KING NO-WIND system was created to resist strong wind that might cause tiles to lift or shift. Using the exclusive King-Machine milling machine (1), the tiles can be milled directly on site or at the warehouse. The patented drilling system creates the perfect lodging (2) for insertion of the complementary Lock-King coupling elements (3) at the centre of each of the 4 sides of the ceramic tile. The cutting KIT is easily transported by car (4). Millimetre milling does not modify the resistance of the tiles, which remain structurally solid, since the recesses affect only an extremely limited area compared to the rest of the tile, without modifying the normal impact section. The KING NO-WIND system connects the tiles by simple pressure. The unique “omega” shape of the lodging and anchoring clips ensures a strong hold even in cases of high stress due to wind.
The KING NO-WIND system is easily installed and, once laid, ensures an effective strong, windproof hold. Using the KING-Machine milling machine, the tiles can be milled directly on site or at the warehouse. Independent on-site processing brings significant cost savings and optimized site time management, as well as the versatility of on demand milling for irregular geometric requirements. Once the milling has been carried out, the Lock-KING hooks are attached by screwing them to the tiles. Then just lay the tiles as usual on the KING supports, snapping them into the complementary hooks. Tile fixed in this way make up a robust body capable of withstanding strong wind.

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King® Collection by DPS FLOOR
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