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Dry erase boards

The dry erase boards can combine several functions in a single element so as to be indispensable for the forgetful and useful for those who want to furnish the spaces of the house in a fun way. The dry erase boards were originally a small-scale version of the bulky educational dry erase boards used at school and made of slate. They were mostly used to carry out tasks or drawings that were soon erased with a blow of the wrist. Modern dry erase boards are made of lighter materials, hung on the wall and used as notice boards where you can write down short notes and lists, where you can express your creativity with markers and chalks or where you can hang photos and postcards.

The material that characterizes the dry erase board

The material with which the dry erase boards are made also characterizes their use. Today metal dry erase boards are very popular, they have the particularity of being enriched with magnetic accessories: letters or pins useful to fix memos and shopping lists. Magnetic dry erase boards give maximum freedom to those who use them by giving the ability to move notes, write and delete whenever you want. If the metallic materials are lighter and therefore more suitable for wall mounting, the table-top dry erase boards are instead equipped with a frame and support base, suitable to be placed on the top of the kitchen. Ideal for those who always want to change and renew are also the dry erase boards to be composed as pieces of a puzzle, made of different materials, shapes and colors: everyone can thus create their own unique and personal composition.

The right board for every environment

Maximum utility is expressed in the dining area, the kitchen dry erase boards have a less formal role here, they can become a weekly planner, a reminder for appointments or a place to share photos and messages between family members. By choosing comic strips or other fun shapes you can ironically decorate the spaces of the smallest and the colorful children's bedrooms. On the other hand, in the home office area dry erase boards can be a real support to the work carried out in the home, fixing concepts, graphics or presentations.

Furnishing with designer dry erase boards

More and more often other elements are integrated in the simple dry erase board, just think of the addition of a shelf, useful for placing pins and magnets. Creative is also the integration of dry erase boards with a mirror, in these cases can be placed at the entrance of the house near a coat rack or a drain, here is furnished a space of the house often forgotten. If you imagine instead of inserting hands on its surface, the dry erase board-clock can also be placed in the living area. Dry erase boards are fun objects with which decorating the house with creativity, everyone, with their own personality, will find the right shape and location. ... More ... less
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