Duravit L-CUBE - VERO AIR C-BONDED | Vanity unit

Sectional wall-mounted vanity unit with drawers


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L-CUBE - VERO AIR C-BONDED | Vanity unit


Sectional wall-mounted vanity unit with drawers




A collage is the epitome of individuality and creativity.‎ The combination of shapes, colors and materials gives rise to new aesthetic creations.‎ L-Cube – the new bathroom furniture program designed by Christian Werner – offers the ideal stage for the bathroom as a design collage.‎ The style, function, 'feel' and color scheme are determined by each user in accordance with their own personal preferences, allowing them to create an amazing variety of washing area designs.‎ With L-Cube, Duravit is presenting a new furniture range that is particularly notable for providing custom storage solutions that offer excellent value for money.‎
The design character of L-Cube is defined by geometric lines.‎ The interplay of horizontal and vertical lines creates a functional and structured look.‎ The subdivision of the furniture fronts into rectangles and squares highlights the cubic appearance of the furniture compositions.‎ A key characteristic of the range is a shadow gap that surrounds the fronts and sides of the furniture.‎ This visual framing places the washbasin on a higher level – making it appear as if the ceramics, furniture and furniture fronts do not touch one another.‎ Even with the console applications, the body and supports appear to be separate from one another.‎ Thanks to the new tip-on technology with self-closing, the handle-free drawers come together to create a harmonious whole.‎ The result is a collage-like arrangement of recurrent forms that offers a sense of visual calm.‎

To meet the highest design requirements in the bathroom, Duravit has developed an innovative method that is truly innovative; it involves connecting the ceramic furniture washbasin to the surface of the vanity unit to create a perfect whole.‎ This completely new look produces an exceptionally-sleek washing area.‎
In the new "c-bonded" version, as Duravit calls this new technology, the furniture washbasin is connected almost seamlessly to the vanity unit in a complex process.‎ Thanks to the accurate and precise-fitting connecting technology, ceramic and furniture merge to form a single unit.‎ The material thickness of the washbasin is hidden from view and reduced to the precise rim that, at the transition between the cool, smooth ceramic and the natural structure of the wood, feels uniquely pleasant to the touch.‎
However, the "c-bonded" solution does not just look and feel impressive: DuraCeram®, the patented special ceramic that actually makes this precision and moulding possible, is particularly wear-resistant.‎ The large shelves at the sides are very practical and the smooth, seamless surfaces are also quick and easy to clean.‎
For the first time, Duravit has used c-bonded technology with the Darling New designer series and the L-Cube furniture programme.‎

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from 600mm x 250mm x 200mm up to a maximum size of 2000mm x 500mm x 363mm

L-Cube Collection by Duravit
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