Eclisse ECLISSE Syntesis Line Double Door frame for flush-to-wall hinged door


ECLISSE Syntesis Line Double By Eclisse


Door frame for flush-to-wall hinged door

ECLISSE Syntesis Line Battente is a door frame for flush-to-wall hinged door.‎‎
Simplicity to shapes, liberty to design.‎‎
ECLISSE Syntesis Line Battente is the solution that allows to install a hinged door with no jambs and architraves, completely flush with the wall.‎‎ The system is designed to also give the possibility to install the door floor-to-ceiling, with no top beam, to grant a full integration between door panel, wall and ceiling.‎‎
Just like pocket models of the same line, ECLISSE Syntesis Line Battente frame is primer-coated, ready to be painted in the same color as the wall or decorated in the same way, for a perfect camouflage.‎‎
Paired with a primer-coated and paintable ECLISSE door panel, it is a perfect match for all the other products in the Syntesis line, the paintable version of the ECLISSE 40 flush door frame and the ECLISSE Delta sloping skirting board.‎ Whether with paint or wallpaper, it is possible to customise flush doors, access panels, hatches and skirting boards to meet every need and furnish an entire room in complete freedom.‎
For an opposite effect that maximises the aesthetic potential of the product, ECLISSE also offers a line of glass doors with an aluminium frame.‎ Thanks to the wide range of finishes and colours for frame and glass panel (single or double), it is possible to play with styles and even have a coordinated effect that embraces the whole room, by connecting the ECLISSE Delta sloping skirting board, the ECLISSE Mimesi decorative profiles to be applied on the Syntesis pocket door perimeter, and the dedicated handles.‎
ECLISSE Syntesis Line Battente can also be supplied with an inclined upper edge, the ideal solution for sloping ceilings, attics or under-stair accesses.‎‎ The frame can be realized with different angles, both with or without header.‎‎ The angled door is available only for pull version.‎‎
Also available with soundproofing kit, in fire door version and in the double door version ECLISSE Syntesis Line Battente Double.‎‎

ECLISSE Syntesis Collection includes sliding pocket door systems and flush hinged door frames with no external finishes.‎
A complete design vision, sum of different high technologies
dialoguing with each other and perfectly integrated into the wall.‎
Cutting edge technology for the most advanced sliding pocket door systems and flush hinged door frames.‎

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L 600 ÷ 1000 mm
H 1650 ÷ 2700 mm
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ECLISSE Syntesis Collection by Eclisse
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