Hinged door with splayed profiles and flush to other side

  • Design by Francesco Valentini, Lorenzo Ponzelli
  • Collection ECLISSE 40

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ECLISSE 40 By Eclisse


Hinged door with splayed profiles and flush to other side


Anodized aluminium

Manufacture year

ECLISSE 40 - The 40 degrees inclined door frame for hinged door
The frame seen from a new perspective
From being an invisible and structural element, for the first time, the frame now displays beauty and design: a structure made of anodised aluminium which is no longer relegated within the wall but turns into a piece of furniture, enhancing the door as inside a picture frame, giving it a unique, precise and minimal look.‎
On one side, the frame gives the door a sense of depth with respect to the wall, defining a 40 degrees inclined surface.‎ The structure empties the wall and enhances the room.‎ Like a picture frame, it encloses the door and invites us to cross through it.‎
On the other side, the same frame ensures the perfect planarity of a flush to the wall door, which can be finished as the wall.‎ Elegance and discretion.‎
An absolute novelty in the market, ECLISSE 40 is an ECLISSE exclusive patent design.‎

Technical features:
• Finished wall thickness: 100 mm (stud wall frame), 108 mm (solid wall frame) and 125 mm (single frame for both stud and solid wall)
• Finishings: primer-coated, light bronze anodised aluminium, dark bronze anodised aluminium and graphite bronze anodised aluminium.‎
• Product not available for the French market.‎

The latest ECLISSE collection takes its cue from the observation of the past: in ancient buildings, walls in proximity to windows were inclined and widened towards the interior of the room, to direct as much light as possible inside.‎ This technique is identified with the term “splay”.‎
Beyond the innovation of flush to the wall doors, which introduced a system designed not to be seen, the new innovation of a splayed frame designed not only to be seen but to become a protagonist.‎ A frame that shows for the first time, «emerging» form the wall and leaving a sign of its presence.‎
The frame is no longer just a technical and functional element, but also a decorative element itself.‎

W. 600 ÷ 1000 mm | H. 2000 ÷ 2700 mm
Bim and Cad

ECLISSE 40 Collection by Eclisse
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Download BIM/CAD
ECL_ECLISSE40 VersSpingere ConTraverso sp.100
ECL_ECLISSE40 VersSpingere ConTraverso sp.125
ECL_ECLISSE40 VersSpingere ConTraverso sp.108
ECL_ECLISSE40 VersSpingere SenzaTraverso sp.100
ECL_ECLISSE40 VersSpingere SenzaTraverso sp.108
ECL_ECLISSE40 VersTirare SenzaTraverso sp.108
ECL_ECLISSE40 VersTirare SenzaTraverso sp.125
ECL_ECLISSE40 VersTirare SenzaTraverso sp.100
ECL_ECLISSE40 VersTirare ConTraverso sp.100
ECL_ECLISSE40 VersSpingere SenzaTraverso sp.125
ECL_ECLISSE40 VersTirare ConTraverso sp.125
ECL_ECLISSE40 VersTirare ConTraverso sp.108

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