Mcro wind power system

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Mcro wind power system

The key feature of the micro wind turbine ECOLIBRI’ is to have an environmental impact which is completely irrelevant, even in the context of a mini wind turbine camp consisting of more turbines.
The shape, unique in its kind, makes the turbines minimally invasive both for their small size and for the chance to be painted with colours that reflect the surrounding environment.
The noise of the wind blades ECOLIBRI is undetectable (<20Db) even in the presence of strong winds, as the blades cannot rotate at a higher speed than the wind itself and consequently do not cause any kind of hiss and noise.

The project began in January 2011, by the desire to develop a space-saving resource of clean and renewable energy.
The idea of designing a generator, suitable to the demands that emerge from the international market was born. At that moment the first 3,5 KW engines appeared.
At the Politecnico University of Milan we continue to perform a series of tests in the wind tunnel for simulations and performance optimisation. The tests gave excellent results.
This is how the Ecolibri 3,5 and 9,9 Kw vertical hybrid micro wind generators were born.

Further info from manufacturer on WIND GENERATOR
Further details
Dimensions and materials
Sail diameter 3.500 mm
Sail height 3.700 mm
Swept area sm 12.950
Blade material Aluminium
Arms material Aluminium
Number of sails 3
Sail and generator weight 213 kg

Standard warranty 2 years
Extended warranty 2 years

Technical data
Power / Wind speed 3,4 kW a 12 m/s
Start up wind speed (cut in) 3 m/s
Start production speed 4 m/s
Shut down speed (cut off )16 m/s
Generator rated power 3,4 kW/ 250 rpm
Generator max power 4.000 Watt
Generator rotation speed 250 rpm
CE Certification Yes
Transmission type Direct
Electromachanical brake Yes
Assisted starter Yes
Controller brakin Yes

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