EcoSmart Fire XL900 Bioethanol burner


XL900 By EcoSmart Fire


Bioethanol burner

One of the most popular of the XL Series burners.‎ Created to satisfy demand for an elongated flame; the key feature of many stunning tailor-made indoor and outdoor fires worldwide.‎ The parallel lines of this rectangular-shaped fire are the perfect match with the clean lines of contemporary living.‎ Linear features and minimal clearance requirement provide the freedom to create a stunning horizontal piece of architecture.‎

APPLICATION: Indoor & Outdoor
MATERIALS: Stainless Steel Grade 304
COLOUR: Stainless Steel or Black
FUEL: Bioethanol
HEATS ON AVERAGE: 60m2 [646ft2]
MINIMUM ROOM: 110m3 [3885ft3]
BURN TIME: 8-13 Hours
THERMAL OUTPUT: 16 MJ/h - 15000 BTU/hr - 4.‎4 kW/h



▪ A reliable and safe extinguishing system courtesy of a special shut-off mechanism and precision measurements.‎
XL burners operate under all conditions, at all temperatures, every time – reliable, consistent and reassuring.‎
▪ A patented filling point is separated from the ignition zone and engineered so that the jerry can spout is fully supported prior to releasing the fuel supply.‎ This eliminates the usual splash and spills that often occur when fuel is decanted into the burner while simultaneously reinforcing the maximum fill line within the burner.‎
▪ Purpose-designed baffle inserts allow you to regulate and further stabilise the flame at the same time as increasing fuel efficiency of the burner.‎
▪ Custom designed extension lighting rod and gliding swivel ring that allows you to open the burner and extinguish the flame.‎ The series’ ‘flip lid’ shut-off system fits perfectly across the ignition zone to extinguish the flame and, when it is open, denies access to the separated filling point as a deterrent to filling the burner while it is in operation.‎

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16.20kg [35.71lb]

9 Litres [2.4 Gallons]
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Ethanol Burners Collection by EcoSmart Fire
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