EcoSmart Fire FLEX 50SS Bioethanol glass and steel Fireplace insert


FLEX 50SS By EcoSmart Fire


Bioethanol glass and steel Fireplace insert

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Specifically designed for a single room application, the Flex Single Sided Fireplace Insert features one open side, enabling the flame to be viewed from the front.‎ The bioethanol, true zero-clearance fireplace can be used to create a striking addition to a feature wall, integrated within cabinetry or a fireplace setting - whether in a residential dining room, indoor or outdoor living area, or commercial spaces.‎

The clean lines and 'all flame' configuration of the Flex 50SS means the entire viewing area is dedicated to the eye-catching flame, creating a harmonious blend of traditional style and contemporary design.‎ One of the most popular of the XL Series burners, the XL900 burner delivers a stunning linear flame.‎ With a 9L capacity, this elongated burner can heat up to 60m2, making it ideal for larger residential and hospitality spaces such as open plan restaurants and bars or hotel lobby areas.‎ Efficiency is a key feature of this burner, delivering up to 13 hours of heat generating flame from a single refill.‎

APPLICATION: Indoor & Outdoor
MATERIALS: Mild Steel & Toughened Glass
FUEL: Bioethanol
HEATS ON AVERAGE: 60m2 [646ft2]
MINIMUM ROOM: 110m3 [3885ft3]
BURN TIME: 8-13 Hours
THERMAL OUTPUT: 16 MJ/h - 15000 BTU/hr - 4.‎4 kW/h

EcoSmart Fire's Flex Single Sided Fireboxes create a striking addition to a feature wall, be it in a residential dining room, outdoor living area, or intimate commercial space.‎
  • Single Room Application
  • 1 Open Side - view the flame from the front
  • Use Indoor or Outdoor
  • Includes Decorative Black Glass Charcoal
  • Burners are Stainless Steel

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71.40kg [157lb]

9 Litres [2.4 Gallons]
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Flex Single Sided Fireplaces Collection by EcoSmart Fire
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