edra ABSOLU Sectional fabric sofa


ABSOLU By edra


Sectional fabric sofa

Absolu is an elegant, timeless sofa.‎ Absolutely unique, because it is enhanced with what we call movable “smart” cushions, pliable to preference with slight movements to satisfy any possible desire for comfort.‎
The various elements, that can be combined with each other and are also available with different depths, allow to achieve linear, angular or curvy composition for any architectural requirement or any purpose, up to the "Absolu Large" version that has broader dimensions both in width and depth.‎

The smart cushion is a brand - new concept of relax, it represents years of reflections, studies and technological research.‎
The secret is inside, hidden to view but of immediate use.‎ Joints in special materials allow you to shape it as you prefer: it can be pulled up or down, it can take the position that is most suitable to the purpose at that time, simply and effortlessly, thanks to  a slight hand pressure.‎
Whether as a backrest or as an armrest, through these hidden mechanisms that are true masterpieces of engineering, the smart cushion offers outstanding comfort and suits your idea of comfort.‎
Tested simulating a continuous use of years , it is perfectly wear-proof:  functionality and technology are combined to achieve the best comfort.‎
The Smart Cushion is easy to move, use and shape into different positions: low, oblique, “bergère”, enveloping, high, for reading.‎
A simple touch turns a classic sofa into a chaise longue.‎ It can be moved into any socket of the backrest and armrest.‎ A metal hubcup, embellished with special finishes, and an anchor bolt inserted in its socket ensure perfect insertion of the Smart Cushion.‎
The cushion can be adjusted and reclined in every direction, with fluid movements that allow the discovery of new thresholds of comfort.‎
A possibility offered by the joints, which are a real jewel of engineering and comfort.‎
Edra has always been committed to technological research, and in 2004 patented Gellyfoam®, a next generation material that represents the most advanced reference point in terms of  comfort.‎
Gellyfoam® is a special foam that combines softness with support; it is unlike a spring that  pushes back,  but a material that will always welcome you in the best way.‎ It offers superior comfort and relax.‎ Gellyfoam® is an exclusive technology by Edra.‎

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