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While usual illumination is just a source of light, MONAI is a source of better feeling.‎ MONAI light table can be used as a lighting source, play table for relaxation, painting platform for children, or simply a marvellous piece of interior.‎
MONAI is a product with traditional and modern elements.‎ The shape of MONAI light platform was inspired by the objects found in nature, like the sun or moon.‎ Apart from crystals and broken rocks, not much else in nature comes with sharp angles.‎ We have an eye for rounded corners because they’re more organic to how we use to everyday objects.‎
MONAI is a very light and elegant table and has removable legs.‎ This quality allows to put MONAI on a bed, couch or move into another space.‎ Light table MONAI can be easily moved through a domestic or office setting, creating a cozy zone where you want to stay.‎ Our light table finds its own place in the office, studio, living room or kids’ room.‎
While the table is a basic utilitarian object, MONAI was transformed into something that evokes a sense of the nature.‎ This table expresses a magnificent aesthetic while is still being functional.‎ MONAI establishes the new approach about functional furniture.‎
MONAI means magic, charm in Lithuanian, one of the oldest languages on Earth.‎ MONAI fuels creativity, invigorates people and turns your space into a magical world.‎
As a fire used to bring people around the flame, MONAI also brings family members together.‎ It can serve as the main source of light in the room or as a coffee table.‎
Kids, (in fact, adults too!) can find it amusing to paint directly on the light table with thick paint and watch how the light enriches the colours of the creations.‎
MONAI light table can be simply used as a platform of relaxation while enjoying relaxing sand play.‎  

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