7 "video terminal for video door entry system


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7 "video terminal for video door entry system

Manufacture year

The 2Smart 7” video terminal is the newest and highly innovative product of the new ELECTRA 2Smart range of door systems with 2-wire connection, featuring a very slim design, an attractive color combination and a wide variety of functions meant to ensure the safety and comfort of the user.‎  

Combining an attractive and visually pleasing design with optimal functionality, the 2Smart 7-inch terminal is easy to install, providing two mounting options: on the surface or in the wall (flush).‎ The perfect association of its constructive elements results in a well-built and robust, but at the same time, slim product of only 22 mm thickness, with an even thinner appearance, due to the effect of floating glass.‎
The 7-inch LCD display renders high-definition images during the call, communication and monitoring, being elegantly framed by the black, glossy glass.‎ During night time, the visibility is ensured for up to 20 metres, even without proper street lighting.‎
The touch keypad is invisible in stand-by mode and illuminates upon touch, being easy to use due to the intuitive and universally recognizable symbols that mark each function of the terminal.‎ The user has a minimal physical interaction with the terminal, all functions being effortlessly achieved through a single touch of the key.‎
The simple and elegant design is complemented by a wide range of functions, which cover common door phone tasks such as call answering and access granting, as well as advanced functionalities, which include video monitoring on multiple cameras, automatic photo record of the visitors (by default, the terminal automatically takes a picture of the caller during each call), two auxiliary commands with dedicated keys for the automatic control of a garage door, auto gate or lighting system, and intercommunication with other parallel connected indoor terminals, either within the same apartment, house or space, or in different spaces within the same building.‎

Project team: Alexandra Ghioc - Product Designer, Marian Berdan - Engineer & Product Manager, Dragos Mititelu - Mechanical Engineer

Further details

“Complex but not complicated” is probably one of the most relevant mottos for describing the underlying philosophy of the innovating 2Smart video terminal, which represents a well-balanced combination of intuitive design, touch technology and chemically toughened, tempered glass, as an ecological material.
The 2Smart terminal is easily integrated in contemporary architecture, being conceived according to the latest design and technology trends and developing an authentic “aesthetics of the invisible”, while also being a remarkable element of an interior setting, without being intrusive.
Designed to be seen only when necessary, the product has a keypad that is visible only when it is touched, being dominated by a user-centered approach that is oriented towards accessibility, through the use of a comprehensive visual language, determined by principles of ergonomics and interaction design, by means of user friendly graphic symbols.
Imagined as a central element of design, the glass has visible edges, which are double polished at an angle of 45 degrees, giving the feeling of floating or suspended glass. Through a compact and essentialized outside appearance, the product can be easily installed on the surface or in the wall (flush) and includes a 7-inch display that offers an optimal visual experience.
The inspiration for the product was rooted in the 2-wire connection technology, which translated into a clever wordplay regarding the name and identity of the product (2Smart), as well as into the dual, contrasting use of the black and white tones.

- Call and preferred call duration setting: 1/2/3 calls / 1 min.
- Full-duplex, hands-free communication, without handset
- Video display during call, communication and monitoring
- Hidden keypad in stand-by mode & backlit keypad during call, communication and monitoring
- 4 volume levels, adjustable during call and communication, and dedicated key for silent mode
- 5 ringtone options, easy to change
- Access granting during stand-by, call, communication and monitoring
- Dedicated keys for 2 auxiliary commands: auto gate, garage door, lighting system etc.
- Possibility of connecting 1 video terminal or up to 3 video terminals in parallel
- Connectors for doorbell and GONG included
- Picture taking during call, talk or monitoring
- Photo memory of up to 100 images
- Dedicated key for intercommunication with the parallel connected terminals
- Menu for viewing and deleting pictures, setting the time and date and the color and brightness
Product size: 197 x 197 x 22 mm
Product weight: 700 ± 20 g
Display: 7” LCD, 800 x RGB x 480
Mounting: surface (22 mm thick) & flush (in the wall)
Electrical connections: screw connectors or RJ45
Recommended cable: 2-wire cable - 2 x 0.75 mm2 for 100 metres between the outdoor panel and the farthest terminal in the installation
Operating temperature range: 0…+45oC
197 x 197 x 22 mm, 700 ± 20 g
Dimensions 2SMART 7"

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