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Porcelain stoneware wall/floor tiles with brick effect

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EmilCeramica by Emilgroup

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Porcelain stoneware wall/floor tiles with brick effect


Porcelain stoneware

Kotto is the outcome of a simple idea, rooted in tradition and the origin of the material and transformed to create new interiors with a modern flavour and attractive design.‎
In every size, Kotto highlights the variation that originates from the transformed clay, the skilful hand-crafting of the tile, the mould and the firing process, conserving the material’s most intimate structure.‎
Subtle shades with the warm hues of the natural clay, or the pigmented or whitewashed material, give a warm, elegant, timeless vibrancy.‎
The XS collection features the most traditional terracotta tile sizes (30x30 and 30x60), conserving the material’s structure and highlighting its variations and the marks left by hand-crafting and the firing of the clay.‎ Ideal for renovating and restoring interiors.‎
The collection also includes the brick format for a bare brick wall covering.‎ The long side of each brick retains the distinctive signs of hand-forging and the residues of sand from the mould.‎ On the short side it conserves the marks left by extraction from the mould.‎ This allows bare brick walls to be constructed with the bricks end-on or side-on, conserving the intrinsic nature of the material.‎
The brick series also includes the “whitewashed brick” shade for building the type of whitened wall typical of urban architecture.‎

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Kotto XS Collection by EmilCeramica by Emilgroup
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