Dual inverter wall mounted air conditioner

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Dual inverter wall mounted air conditioner

Why is EMMETI offering air conditioners with the new R32 refrigerant?
With the new R32 refrigerant there are many advantages that benefit the environment in which we live, in fact it is very efficient from an energy point of view and allows a smaller refrigerant load to be used with respect to the same units with R410A and has a low GWP (Global Warming Potential) value.
For these reasons, R32 represents a valid solution for reaching the objectives established by the European Regulation regarding fluorinated gases (EU) n° 517/2014.
The installation and maintenance operations are similar to those used for R410A and, as it is a pure gas, the new refrigerant (R32) is easier to recover and re-use.
The refrigerant R32 belongs to the low inflammability class of refrigerants (class 2L according to ISO 817), therefore it is important to consider and respect the European, National and Local Safety Regulations relative to handling, storage and installation of the equipment containing this refrigerant.
Furthermore, it must be considered that R32 is a low toxicity refrigerant; it belongs to the same category of low toxicity as the current refrigerant R410A and can be used safely in most air conditioners.

Advantages that make the difference

Quick installation

The components of the X-EVO air conditioner have been designed with the aim of facilitating installation, thanks to simple, innovative and easily accessible solutions.

Easy maintenance
The cleaning times for the filters and the replacement of important components such as the fan circuit board and motor are greatly reduced.

Ultra quiet
Thanks to the top quality components, the X-EVO air conditioner ensures a low noise level.

Accessory available on request.
By downloading the free App (NetHome Plus), you can use your smartphone to adjust the main functions of the X-EVO air conditioner.

X-EVO residential Air Conditioning Collection by EMMETI
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