Pipe for domestic gas network

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Pipe for domestic gas network

Multi-layer pipe system for gas adduction plants.

Field of application

Gaseous fuels supplied by distribution networks, cylinders and fixed GPL tanks.

A - Cross-linked polyethylene inner pipe (PE-Xb).
B - Bonding layer connecting the inner pipe to the aluminium pipe.
C - Butt-welded aluminium pipe, thickness min 0,2 mm.
D - Bonding layer connecting the outer pipe to the aluminium pipe.
E - High-density polyethylene inner pipe (PE-Xb), yellow colour.

Corrugated sheath technical data (ref. precoated pipe)
Material: Polypropylene PP

Technical data Gaspex pipe
Operating temperature: -20 ÷ 70 °C (UNI 11344)
-20 ÷ 60 °C (IS O 17484-1 / AS 4176.8)
Max operating pressure: 0,5 bar (UNI 11344) / 5 bar (IS O 17484 / AS 4176.8)
Coefficient of linear expansion: 0.026 mm/m °C
Thermal concuctivity: 0.45W/m°C
Minimum radius of bending: 5 x Ø pipe
Surface roughness of internal pipe: 7 μm

Expandable corrugated sheath technical data
Material: Polypropylene PP
Self-extinguishing (CEI EN 60695-2-10):
1) Class 850 (°C)
2) Mean extinguishing time 6,4 (seconds)
Self-extinguishing (UL 94): Class V2
Expanding capacity: approximately 3 times the original length

Pipe for heating and drinking water installation Collection by EMMETI
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