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Striped fabric

Art never dies. It has no expiry date. It’s always in fashion… Art lives, evolves and is reinvented. This is what Equipo DRT has done for its new classic fabric collection called Palladio. It echoes and highlights some of the finest creations of this Italian architect (1508-1580). Palladio was adored by the nobility of the Republic of Venice in the 16th century, and admired by all for his superior geometries, symmetries and architectural wonders.  Yes, Palladio designed many Italian villas in his age: Pisani, Foscari, Badoer, Emo… And these beautiful Italian masterpieces, five centuries later, are what Equipo DRT has skilfully transferred to a series of sophisticated and elegant fabrics for interiors.
Palladio is said to be the first classicist in modern architecture. He was the master who updated ancient Greek and Roman architecture and gave it the timeless beauty it still has today.
Inspired by his art and creativity comes the Palladio Collection from Equipo DRT. A new range of double-width upholstery fabrics being presented at the forthcoming Paris Maison&Objet Show in January 2015. This collection  stands out for its large-scale geometrics and damasks, its ground-breaking bid for gold and silver lurex, in which metallised yarns are combined with natural colours, including greens, blues, golds, reds and mink.

Dim: 300 cm 
65% Alg./Cot - 35% Pol

The outstanding inner unity of the majestic Villa Badoer, built in Fratta Polesine in 1556, can still be appreciated, as this villa is in an excellent state of conservation. And now, our Badoer fabric builds on this theme with asymmetrical stripes interspersed with Ottoman striping with plain fabric serving as transition, looking like the six-column façade construction of Villa Badoer and its corresponding temple-like front aspect.
In addition, the Ottoman stripes are emphasized on the edges to provide a greater sensation of depth for this textile design. Just like the outsides of this famous villa.

Palladio Collection by Equipo DRT
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