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VAIRUS is an innovative photocatalytic oxidative air purification system, suitable for continuous use in the presence of people, being a completely harmless system.‎ Unlike traditional filtration systems, it does not retain substances but it destroys them thanks to the internal TiO2 + UV-A LED technology.‎

VAIRUS was created to break down harmful volatile substances present in the air, increasing the well-being in the places where we stay.‎ Through this "smart" device, in versions equipped with sensors, air quality can also be monitored remotely with IoT connectivity through the CASAMBI APP.‎

The device, designed and manufactured by us with a compact and sophisticated design, it can also be integrated with track lighting systems, making VAIRUS a very versatile product.‎

A particular fluid dynamics management creates a powerful and at the same time silent air flux inside the device, able to uniformly pass through the TiO2 cells with the consequent oxidation of airborne substances.‎

VAIRUS is available in ceiling/wall, recessed, table versions (with touch button ignition) or track in white or black finish.‎

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VAIRUS employs advanced technology that, thanks to ceramic cells in Titanium Dioxide (TiO2), activated by specific UV-A LEDs, effectively allows to oxidize and break down viruses, bacteria, molds, allergens and odors carried by the air in the device. This process does not generate Ozone but low quantities of harmless substances, such as Carbon dioxide (CO2) and water vapor (H2O).
Every hour VAIRUS treats 126 m3 of air at maximum power with a reduced noise level of 50dBa at 1 mt. At idle it is almost imperceptible with only 15 dBa. In environments such as shops and offices, where there is forced air, VAIRUS can cover up to 150m2*. For domestic environments and spaces without forced ventilation, VAIRUS is suitable for environments up to 80m2.
A particular management of fluid dynamics creates a powerful and at the same time silent air vortex inside, capable of uniformly crossing all the TiO2 cells with the consequent oxidation of the substances carried in the air. On the suction side there is a washable pre-filter that avoids the insertion of solid bodies.
After the treatment with VAIRUS, in an 8m3 chamber, there is an almost complete elimination equal to 99.9%*** of all the substances taken as a sample such as: BACTERIA, MOLD, YEAST and VOC.
The virus was placed on the TiO2 filter in three positions irradiated with UV-A light to test the virucidal effectiveness of the VAIRUS device against the SARSCoV-2_COV2019 virus.
VAIRUS has demonstrated a 99.94% reduction in viral titer after an exposure of only 5 minutes.
VAIRUS, in SMART and PREMIUM version, allows the user to check the air quality in real time in the environments in which it’s installed and to monitor it over time.
The management of VAIRUS in the SMART and PREMIUM version takes place through the Casambi APP with Bluetooth Mesh BLE technology. Using the APP from smartphones, tablets and smartwatches, it’s possible to set the fan speed, switch on and off, timing the ignitions, create scenarios, add the device to the LIGHTS network, control it remotely from anywhere in the world and, through the cloud, view the historicized air quality data divided by category of volatile substances.
(*) The flow rate is indicative, as it varies according to the type of environment / ventilation present. The data shown refer to an open space (ceiling 3m /h) and with forced ventilation (ex. Shops / offices)
(**) The above information refers to scientific tests conducted in specialized laboratories
(***) The analysis was conducted by a specialized laboratory which has measured the air quality after one, four and eight hours. The tests have shown a rapid and evident reduction of the bacterial load level on all the strains analyzed after only one hour of operation of the VAIRUS device.

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