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Dehumidifying plaster with lime putty

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Dehumidifying plaster with lime putty

Ecosun - With anti damp plaster Ecosun spots caused by penetrating and rising damp will totally disappear!

Ecosun is an anti-damp plaster specifically designed for the renovation of damp surfaces because it avoids mould formation and moisture stagnation.
The binder used, long seasoned lime putty, is a natural and ecological product made up of calcium hydroxide (portlandite) and water. Lime putty is a highly breathable material which can absorb and release damp, regulating the level of moisture in the surrounding rooms. Moreover, it is self-sealing, it has a great ability to adhere to many surfaces and it is very workable. The addition of natural additives gives the plaster water repellent and breathability features, while the cocciopesto (brick powder) guarantees its potential to stick when it is in contact with water.
Ecosun is highly breathable, it allows air to enter, but it stops water and thus, it is always dry and spots caused by both penetrating and rising damp will totally disappear. As for all our products made up of lime putty, Ecosun is very easy and quick to apply and once applied the lime putty becomes harder and harder with the passing of time.
Ecosun can be easily applied on brick, concrete and stone walls, but also on not plastered hollow bricks. It is to be applied with a spatula and then worked with a straight edge and finished with a plastic or wood trowel. The product is to be applied on a clean surface and in case there is a pre-existing plaster, the wall needs to be sanded before the application of Ecosun.
Ecosun is sold as dosed mortar in 23kg containers with a 2kg cocciopesto bag apart. It is our particular choice to sell all our products in paste form, because being the product ready to use the step of the preparation of the product is avoided and the building site remains clean. Moreover, powder products are considered to be as concrete, while our products are 100% natural and when compared to concrete that tends to crush with the passing of time, lime putty products get harder and harder.  

Technical data:
Container: 25kg
Composition: lime putty and natural additives
Use: inside/outside
Dilution: bicomponent
Theoretical consumption: 16-18Kg for 1cm/sqm thickness. We suggest 2cm thickness.

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