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Finish for exterior with slaked lime resistant to sunlight

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Finish for exterior with slaked lime resistant to sunlight

Sun exposed facades will never fade away with Ecoton UV.

Ecoton UV is a highly breathable finish especially designed for finishing external walls, ideal for the realization of modern structures, as well as the restoration of historical buildings. The binder used, long seasoned lime putty, is a natural and ecological product made up of calcium hydroxide (portlandite) and water, with high features of plasticity and thixotropy. Lime putty is a highly breathable material which can absorb and release damp, regulating the level of moisture in the surrounding rooms. Moreover, it is self-sealing, it has a great ability to adhere to many surfaces and it is very workable. The addition of coloured marble powders gives the finish great breathable properties and being mixed with the lime putty, the product is anti-bacterical, anti-mould and highly resistant to sunlight and bad weather. As for all our products made up of lime putty, Ecoton UV is very easy and quick to apply and once applied the lime putty becomes harder and harder with the passing of time. The final result is a huge colour range thanks to the addition of refined coloured sands, a blend of natural clays, which are not dangerous for human health and for the environment.
Ecoton UV is to be applied on a clean surface, free from any traces of dust, dirt, oils, greases and waxes. It is to be applied in two coats, fresh on fresh, with a stainless steel spatula, until reaching 2mm thickness and then work it with a sponge trowel soaked in water. The application needs to be done without interruptions from corner to corner.
Ecoton UV is ready to use. It is our particular choice to sell all our products in paste form, because being the product ready to use the step of the preparation of the product is avoided and the building site remains clean. Moreover, powder products are considered to be as concrete, while our products are 100% natural and when compared to concrete that tends to crush with the passing of time, lime putty products get harder and harder.

Technical data:
Container: 25kg
Composition: seasoned lime putty, marble powders and coloured sands
Use: outside
Dilution: ready to use
Theoretical consumption: 5-6Kg/mq in two coats.

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