EuroCave 6000: LARGE | Wine cooler with built-in lights

Freestanding wine cooler with glass door


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6000: LARGE | Wine cooler with built-in lights


Freestanding wine cooler with glass door



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6000 Series: the 100% customisable range
Design, performance and customisation.‎ .‎ .‎ The 6000 Series offers.‎ .‎ .‎
A range of temperature options to ensure your wine at precisely the right temperature
1, 2 or multi-temperature according to your serving and/or storage requirements
A unique, customisable product thanks to a wide range of modular equipment which is both durable and attractive
An environmentally-friendly product.‎ .‎ .‎ Rated A+, the 6000 series saves up to 55% in energy compared with a conventional wine cabinet
A range manufactured in France.‎ .‎ .‎
A fully featured range!
Maturing or serving?
Maturing cabinets (1 temperature) recreate the exact conditions found in a natural cellar by meeting the 5 criteria essential for wine storage:
- A constant temperature thanks to a dual Hot/Cold control (temperature gradient +/- 0.‎ 5°C).‎
- Suitable humidity levels thanks to the Hygro + system and embossed aluminium walls
- A permanent ventilation system ensured by basement window effect
- U.‎ V.‎ protection, guaranteed for both the solid door and glass door which has highly effective U.‎ V.‎ screening
- Protection from vibrations thanks to the compressor, separated from the cabinet body
A single temperature cabinet can be set with serving temperature for one type of wine (adjustable from 5 to 20°C).‎
Wine serving cabinets (multi-temperature) offer up to 10 temperature zones (temperature staggered from 5 to 22°C, allowing you to have, in one same cabinet, several types of wine (rosé, white, red) at their ideal serving temperature.‎
Wine serving cabinets (2 temperatures) offer 2 separate temperature zones: one part from 5 to 11°C and the other from 15 to 20°C to efficiently store up to 110 red wines and 60 white wines at their ideal serving temperature.‎
Wine cabinets close to custom-made!
- The right size to suit your space and storage requirements
A large model can store up to 182 bottles and a small model up to 74 bottles
- 3 type of doors
- Storing, sorting and displaying your bottles.‎ .‎ .‎ A specific shelf for every need!
Thanks to the "Main du Sommelier", our shelves can accommodate all kinds of bottles (Bordeaux, Burgundy, Champagne.‎ .‎ .‎

6000 LARGE - The serie 6000 is our latest wine cabinet generation.‎ It combines cutting-edge technology, clever design and respect for the environment.‎ Thanks to its temperature range of 5° to 20°C, this single-temperature cabinet stores your wine in optimal conditions or can be transformed into a wine serving cabinet for red or white wine.‎
This model from Eurocave Professional¬ís Series 6000 range is a design and performance product which will meet the requirements of all professionals.‎
- Function : Service
- Number of temperatures : One temperature or multitemperature
- Size : Large model
- Color of cabinet body : Nero

Choose between 2 shelf layouts depending on your requirements in order to faciliate ordering and access to bottles, or to display your bottles whilst optimising storage.‎
By combining several wine cabinets, you can precisely manage the serving temperature for your full wine list.‎ Placed side by side, your cabinets will also show off your wines.‎ Discover our options for doors, lighting and shelving to stylise your cabinets!

Further info from manufacturer on 6000: LARGE | Wine cooler with built-in lights
H x W x D (mm) = 1825 x 680 x 715

6000 Collection by EuroCave
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