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Electronic steel mailbox

Why now more and more people choose EVOPOST?
* The sophisticated and unique design is able to enhance any environment adapting to classic or extremely futuristic contexts with extreme versatility.‎

* The display is waterproof and dustproof, as well as the inside of the box, which will offer a dry and sheltered place for your mail and any packages

* The batteries of the device have a duration of over 12 months.‎ A special led will be activated on the display when it is time to make the simple replacement.‎

* The underlying advertising space has been specially created to accommodate flyers and advertising material, thus preventing important mail from being compressed or damaged by unwanted material.‎

* The aluminum name-holder insert is protected by a corning eagle glass strip that has the task of ensuring visibility and sharpness of your name over time, remaining unchanged to sun exposure and UV rays.‎

Innovative design, resistant to any weather event.‎ Considerating EVOPOST As a citizen of the world, the utmost attention was paid to the robust EVOPOST metal body treated with a strong electro-galvanizing system and subsequently finished with special powder coatings, in order to guarantee resistant and bright colors over time, thus avoiding oxidation principles and corrosion.‎

What are you waiting for? Choose your color now, order it now and start enjoying all the advantages offered by EVOPOST! Currently available in white or anthracite gray.‎


Functionality and details
* The EVOPOST Mailbox is made in Italy with a Keyless patent extended all over the world.‎ The keyless opening is managed by a touchscreen display or special electronic card.‎
* The large EVOPOST compartment is also dedicated to receiving Ecommerce packages of maximum dimensions 40 cm x 30 cm x 16 cm
* EVOPOST can also be used as a key deposit for AirBnB and B & B accommodation.‎
* The exclusive DESIGN and the design with attention to the smallest details, makes EVOPOST an ELITE product.‎

EVOPOST is the first electronic mailbox in the world with a unique and exclusive touchscreen opening that will allow you to receive packages from the E-Commerce world, in all simplicity, even in your absence.‎ "How many of you have not been, at least once, in the condition of having to receive packages ordered online and not be able to be at home at the time of delivery?

Why choose EVOPOST instead of the usual letter boxes?

EVOPOST is a device that replaces all the old mailboxes existing up to now on the market.‎ EVOPOST, in addition to receiving the classic mail (up to the magazine format) depositing it directly from the upper door, as in traditional existing MAILBOXES, features the revolutionary e-commerce box: a large compartment dedicated to the reception of parcels (up to cm L40 x h30 x p16).‎

Forget the inconvenient keys, log in with your secret code.‎
The compartment is accessible through a large separate front door, different from that dedicated to the insertion of mail.‎ You can simply open the door USING the touchscreen display by typing a temporary re-settable code infinite times.‎ Its advanced battery-backlit touchscreen display will offer you the chance to say goodbye forever to inconvenient keys, and to open the front door either through your personal secret code, or temporary code, or by approaching the EvoCard provided in equipment, effectively opening up new unexplored roads.‎ In addition to making the front door openings more comfortable and faster than ever, will give the opportunity to third parties, authorized by you, to access the interior.‎

Receive packages even in your absence thanks to EVOPOST, the FIRST and UNIQUE e-commerce Box in the World.‎ The device is cleverly designed to accept a "temporary" code (infinitely reimposable) that you can communicate to anyone who wants to have access to the large internal space.‎ For example, by providing a temporary code to the courier, it will allow you to deposit small and medium-sized packages even in your absence, keeping them safe, protected from water and away from prying eyes.‎ Once you get back home you can reset your secret code in a few seconds.‎ In this way, the content of EVOPOST will always be protected and accessible only to people who will have the assigned opening code.‎ EVOPOST plays a leading role also in the B&B housing solutions, as it favors an instantaneous exchange of keys, objects or goods, between the homeowner and the tenant, simply exchanging between them the temporary

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38 x 38 x 12 cm
31 x 25 x 5 cm (inside)
kg 8.8

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