EXPORMIM FONTAL Rattan easy chair with armrests




Rattan easy chair with armrests

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T012 R

Fontal is an armchair with structure made of peeled and tinted natural rattan 32 mm/1.‎26” in diameter.‎ Finished with a three step coating (dye, base coat and top coat) highly resistant to solar radiation thanks to UV filters.‎ Seat and backrest manufactured in peeled and tinted natural rattan 8 mm/0.‎3” diameter.‎ Protective caps with removable plastic-felt inserts.‎ Optional cushion.‎

“This project is born from the wish to recover rattan as a fine material and reclaim our country’s rich craftsmanship tradition.‎ I have tried to give a new look to an ancient technique replacing the brackets and bonds traditionally used as connecting elements by the twinning of one cane to the next.‎ Thanks to this innovative solution we have achieved a strong, flexible and lightweight structure.‎ This is how Fontal evolves into a warm, likeable and luxurious seat in the true sense of the word.‎” Oscar Tusquets Blanca

Designed by Oscar Tusquets, Fontal’s look reminds us of a traditional chair that has been given a new appearance, yet it maintains lightness, warmth and charm.‎  
As its creator puts it “the project was born from the desire to take back rattan as a noble material, building on the rich tradition of craftsmanship in our country.‎ To that end, I have tried to give this hundred-year-old technique a new look by substituting the traditional strutting and joint wrapping for a twinning technique which allowed connecting one reed to the next.‎ Thanks to this innovative resource, I have created a flexible yet resistant structure that is so lightweight.‎ The chair is light, warm, charming and luxurious in the true meaning of the word”.‎

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Fontal Collection by EXPORMIM
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