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Garden sofa / sun lounger

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Sol+Luna is a garden sofa / sun lounger.‎ Extremis has come up with the ideal ‘tool’ to make this happen.‎ Sol+Luna is a two in one piece: furniture that has a function by day and by night.‎ The perfect way to make optimal use of your patio.‎
The sun bed has a handy shelf to put things on at the side, which also makes a perfect backrest: just throw on a couple of cushions and you instantly create a comfortable sofa for three people.‎ The compact, adjustable shade also provides light.‎ This can be fitted to the sofa with a simple plug-in system.‎ We have also provided extra little tables with the same plug-in system.‎ So bring on the snacks.‎
In the city, roof terraces are the most sought-after places.‎
The Extremis single recliner is also a three-seater sofa, and a set of two recliners becomes a suite for six people.‎ Sol+Luna, or sun and moon in Spanish, is a name that reflects the double purpose of this new piece of furniture, which can be used around the clock from your morning dip to the pool party after hours.‎
The Sol+Luna range is in two versions.‎ The southern version, Australis, is clean and architectural, whereas the northern version, Borealis, has a somewhat more organic look.‎ Depending on the surroundings where the furniture will be placed, you can choose the finish that suits you best.‎ Extra options include the recliner cushions, back cushions, towel holder and even a little locker to store your most precious items while you are swimming lengths in peace.‎ With extra tables, shades and light, Extremis makes sure you have absolutely everything you need.‎

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